Event: Gabe Newell Interview

This coming Monday William and Glenn will be interviewing Gabe Newell; Founder/Managing Director of Valve Software.

Update (June 7th)

The interview has now been posted: http://www.podcast17.com/interviews/audio/gabe-newell/

When, Where and How to Listen

We'll release an mp3 on the 7th, the day after recording (see right). Its release will be announced here, on our Steam Group, and on our Twitter.

Submit your Questions

During the interview we'll ask a series of community questions. From all questions submitted one lucky winner will receive approx. $90 worth of Valve merchandise, so what are you waiting for? Submit your question/s!

Update (June 1st)

We now have 5 copies of Eets on Steam to give away, courtesy of BlueWolf72 and Steam Contests. The first lucky winner will still receive Valve merchandise. An additional 5 lucky winners will recieve a copy of Eets on Steam.

Mp3 Release Time

Additional Timezones

USA & Canadian Timezones

  • Los Angeles, PDT Tue at 1:00pm
  • Denver, MDT Tue at 2:00pm
  • Chicago, CDT Tue at 3:00pm
  • New York, EDT Tue at 4:00pm

European Timezones

  • London, BST Tue at 9:00pm
  • Lisbon, WEST Tue at 9:00pm
  • Madrid, CEST Tue at 10:00pm
  • Athens, EEST Tue at 11:00pm

Australian Timezones

  • Perth, WST Wed at 4:00am
  • Darwin, CST Wed at 5:30am
  • Brisbane, EST Wed at 6:00am