5 Responses to “Lost News and the Nuggets #1 (78-79)”


The “another one in the can” joke alone justifies this entire minipodcast. Win, Wake.

I have to agree with Herr_Alien’s sentiments about the liveliness of your voice. I know you are offering a great service to those who wanted this mini “nugget” episode. How do you feel about it personally? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this show.

I really enjoyed the beginning and then the end – the middle parts lost my attention. So basically, I like the parts where I heard you talk about stuff on a more personal note rather than the news posts. Just some things to consider, I always like giving a bit of input on things I care about.

I feel that it will just get better over time and thus if people notice that, they will slowly warm to it.

I’ll do it until the podcast17 operators william and nic says it is having no impact, as I think its worth it even to have 10% of the listenership of the main episodes – To stick up for those who make less than discussion-worthy news and releases, while also allowing for some extra bonus segments that the fans OF podcast 17 will relate to and find entertaining.

I’m glad you guys are saying its nice bonus elements so far. I will of course do my best to improve on everything, and specifically those liveliness issues.

Cheers for listening!

@Nuclear dawn – I also didn’t cover the article on their site specifically. Mostly because I spent most of my surveying time with that media blitz discovering if it was a mod or commercial game. It doesnt appear to be on moddb as “nuclear dawn”. So i drew a conclusion. If I am wrong someone should correct me :P and next time ill follow up quickly

@Editing – Yes, for now I am in charge of editing. Williams role is to add his intro and mix it to podcast17 standards. If you are saying the editing was a weakness. Id just like to say, I wrote this concept about a week ago. I’m sure I can find all cylinders in the coming fortnight until the next episode.

@Cry of Fear – From what I gathered, it may only lessen the time donators take to get the things. If you love the mod, what is 10$ to donate? Win 5 Wake’s trivia bins :P haha “You can do eeeet”

/installs more life patch

Come on Dave 2.0, put more live into it :)

@Nuclear Dawn: as a commercial game? Weren’t they supposed to be a HL2 mod? Now I know that mods can be “upgraded” to steam apps, if Valve agrees and lets them distribute the HL2 game engine with their mod. But those are still distributed for free.

Interesting. That somehow explains why as a mod they didn’t give any life signs …

@Cry of Fear: dunno. “it can quickly turn the tables in your favour in a tight situation”. Ideally both freeloaners and donators should have the same experience in terms of the game.

The side show is quite entertaining. I like how you used audio from other shows, either as quotes or the interview.

2 USD for 2 BJs, you say? So the stock market in sexual favors is dropping …

One more question: are you in charge with the editing for this side show?