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Great Interview guys.

I am glad Gabe also noticed the severe lack of gaming cred the top review sites have. Its this sort of false persuasion the community could do without.

If you do get a chance to interview him again, would you ask: “Under what conditions would you be willing to work with a team of volunteers to create a Linux client for Steam?”. His answers regarding Linux support seemed to assume that his own, internal developers would have to be the ones to provide this support, and it seems to me this attitude is the single biggest impediment to this happening.

Hey, isn’t it a glimpse of HL2:Ep3 / HL3 on the screen in Valve’s headquarters? Great interview btw :)

It’s from their lobby so won’t be Episode Three, it’s probably from a trailer but I’m not sure what the game is.
Background’s source image is 3rd down on http://www.monstermache.net/2011/02/valve-software.html , gives a clearer view.

Could be Alien Swarm, seems to be top down with a flashlight cone coming from the lower left.
Could also be L4D/2, with the ^ in the top left as the corner of a roof and zombies below.

About that further clarification on the SDK. The way its worded makes it sound like he doesn’t want to release the source at all. Does he mean they haven’t gotten to that point in Portal SDK development to do this or that they don’t intend to at all. Because that would really be insane for them not to release the source. That excuse of “huge variety of maps and gameplay experiences without creating any new entity types” is not something people should accept. That is like buying a grand piano that plays only one octave. I want my total conversions XD
Other than that it was an amazing interview I would have freaked out bad if i could have Gabe say happy birthday to me.

1 good question i have you shoudl of asked him is, what do you think the best hl2 mod is thats if he plays them

Lost Coast-ers went right over his head… My marketing at Valve dreams are dashed! Maybe I’ll contact that Cineo.