10 Responses to “Dear Esther Interview”


I cant seem to get the download link to work, maybe it is dead. I’d really like to download this.

Works for me, does it give you any errors?

It could be a content type issue, try right clicking the link and choosing “Save link as…”, “Save target as…” or similar.

Also i messaged pinchbeck a while ago and kinda bugged the crap outta him with my relentless emails, and he started to ignore me… WHY Dan… WHHHHYYYYY

Ya woo, russia and the environment and the mystery, always makes such a great setting, thats why everytime u have a russian game, Metro 2033, stalker. they are so awesome!!!

Really enjoyed the podcast and can’t wait for Dear Esther remake. Just listening to this makes me want to play the mod all over again, such a great experience :)

To Dan and Rob (and the others involved with DE) I wish you the best of luck. I’ll be in line to pre-order as soon as I can (likewise Wishlist status on Steam).

Big thanks to Will, Aaron and Patrick for the poddy. Much appreciated :)

I’m not sure what your next interview will be (about), but this was for sure one of the best if not THE best yet. It was very informative and the amount of details is just stunning.

I’m also glad to hear that Dan is enjoying the Blog of Frictional Games as much as I do. I fully agree to everything he said about it.

I want to thank Dan Pinchbeck and Robert Briscoe for this fantastic interview. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Remake of Dear Esther. Also many thanks to William, Aaron and Patrick. *Cheers*