4 Responses to “Episode #99”


Ii was playing NH2, I open a door and boom! A mannequan right the fuck there! I jump and shot it with my revolver. I swear it bled. from now on in HL2 games, if I come across a mannequin prop Im gona gravity gun punt that fucker right out of the map.

Question: Are there any mods that change the zombie attack moves? They do that double arm sweep and its so easy to predict.

Thanks for mentioning the BTC. Just to clarify a few points.

Applicants need to be approved for a number of reasons. Firstly, the issue of privacy. Modders need to feel comfortable that the files they send us won’t be leaked. Unless I or somebody else on the team knows and trusts an applicant they have to wait. Also, as Andy said, beta testing is hard work and not just a case of playing a mod early. It takes a special sort of person who is committed and serious.

I have a number of plans to implement on my return and hope to have a new domain and website up soon after. Stay Tuned!

I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can. I think this is a fantastic idea.

I’ll drop you a line when you’re back from your vacation!