15 Responses to “Episode #98”


what is this? new black mesa source news!?


“almost complete”. It’s been 6 years. Hey BMS theme, you’ve done quite a good enough job emulating valve down to their valve time already. Let’s see a release plz?

this week: key lime pie ice cream

I feel retarded cause I cant figure out NH1. I’ve been stuck in the basement for 20 minutes >_>

Use the unbreakable boxes to make some stairs?

lol i was up there and nothing happened, then i went up again and the wall broke and it scared the shit out of me. i might be a bigger pussy than William. NH1 was good, in the second one now.

True story, William & Patrick secretly recorded this episode when everyone else wasn’t looking. As if we didn’t already know Patrick is Willies favourite!?

Sorry danboe! forgot to mention you! I was just excited about the interview and forgot to mention you. :(

Danboe, has to go. Lives in Sweden, loves the snow. Works on Visage, what a show. Danboe, Danboe, Danboe. 2, 4, 6,8 Danboe’s modding we appreciate, GO DANBOE!

Oh Danboe
You’re so fine
You’re so fine
You blow my mind
Hey Danboe! Hey! Hey!
Hey Danboe! Hey! Hey!