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“but Insurgency still has a huge following”
not really, the players are dropping off like flies because of the dev team falling apart and never updating the game anymore leaving the players with a very buggy game with many issues and very little custom content, and ofc the mass banning on the forums

everyone is waiting for ins:classic and ins:AOR which will be released by new world interactive

“I would love to see more developers Take notes from the professionalism of the Ins team.”
the old ins team, yes, the current one, no, dont do it.. ever..
you definetly dont want to discourage custom content for your game and should keep communicating with the players

on a different topic
minecraft for the fucking win!

cookies and cream, mmmm.

I was so excited to see nightmare house 2 being released, been waiting for that one for eons!

Just to let you guys know, a vast majority of the issues with Lethal Stigma that were described in this week’s podcast were resolved in the latest v0.1.2 patch. I’m pretty disappointed that no one took the intuitive to play the mod after the patch, especially since William mentioned it before the discussion. Also, I think many would disagree that Lethal Stigma is “a poor man’s Modular Combat,” including Matthew himself. Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone could have come to that conclusion upon playing the modification for a couple hours. Anyhow, many of you had already made up your minds about LS before it was even released let alone before you played it, so I can’t say I’m totally surprised. It’s just unfortunate, that’s all.

If you guys think Blue Portals is going to be amazing…

Wait until Blue Portals 2.

Also, Philip; We would really appreciate it if you shot us an email at zachnorik@yahoo.com
We have some questions for you…[/mysterious]

@The Success of Multiplayer Communities: I guess it’s a trade-off. MP = easier to develop (you’re not worried with storyline specific art assets), but harder to maintain. SP = harder to develop (7 years for “The Nameless Mod”), but much easier to maintain afterwards.

@SDK – Soul Destroying Kit?:
Funny, the author complains: “What I can’t fathom, however, is why we have three different SDK versions to choose from. Are people making new mods based on the 2006 version of Source? Maybe I’m missing something here.”
How about updating older maps, without wanting to go through the hassle of moving the entire mod/map on the newer versions of the SDK? He then mentions that (in 2010 :P ) he’s using the 2007 version of Hammer.

Anyway, several episodes ago, I was wondering, what if Valve wants to become more involved in publishing and less in licensing its engine? I mean think for a bit: all companies that wanted to license their engine also put a lot of effort in polishing their tools. I’m talking about id and Epic.