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The problem with Portal modding, is that it’s a lot like Fan Fiction.

Portal is a series of clever puzzles grounded in this great story. Now there’s plenty of Half-Life fan fiction type mods too, but most of the truly great mods are either total conversions with their own story, or they’ve managed to take the existing story in unexpected directions complete with new gameplay.

Portal mods, at least all of the maps / mods I’ve tried, just append new puzzles or try to keep telling the Portal story in ways that are obvious (“Hello test subject #15892″). This to me, is so mind-numbingly boring, especially compared with the absolute brilliance (and cleverness) of the original game.

caught the podcast a bit later, but this week’s flavor was something a bit different: mango sobert. What will be next week? STAY TUNED

Thanks for the plug and positive feedback. Here are a few facts that may clear somethings up.

1. We’ve sat down with valve to discuss license/distribution and yes will be developing on the Source Engine. Of course you really have to follow Valves progress with the Engine and keep an ear out on some exciting Engine news in the future.

2. Monochrome LLC is a registered corporation so yes we file our corp taxes, pay state fees, and it doesn’t hurt to have an experienced game attorney. Our Studio is located in California.

3. Contagion has been built from the ground up with nothing borrowed from ZPS the HL2 modification. As we stated before Contagion isn’t just a graphical update of ZPS but a “spiritual successor” it will be a story driven single-player experience with of course multi-player to keep our current and future fans happy which we will continue to focus on in the hopes that it will be even more successful than todays top HL2 mod ZPS.

Believe that covers everything. Would also like to thank Glenn again for his support.

Kind Regards,
Monochrome, President

@ Did Valve set the bar too high with TF2?:
Now, we say that L4D is not as updated as TF2, and that’s because Valve could not raise to the standards set by itself. But, setting precedents is always dangerous. What if Valve decided not to update the L4Ds for the very reason to avoid making TF2 “the rule”?
Would that make things ok?
I don’t think so. All people want better, and are reluctant to settle for less (despite that the same “less” was good enough years ago).

Two questions:
1) do you find it disturbing that Valve (apparently) prefers to buy IPs and further develop them rather than creating IPs of their own?
2) is ok from your point of view that they (again, apparently) focus more on MP games?

The reason to move to UDK is the fact that you can sell the game. Technical difficulties are easier to solve than legal ones ;) . UDK solves the legal ones, leaving the game makers to solve the technical ones (which they happen to be good at ;) )

@Orion going AAA:
Dunno, William, dunno. UDK is almost free, so the only reasons why needing investment funds is to pay artists/coders. That would imply that their team is big, and all made out of professionals that expect a regular paycheck. Does this make sense?

Sorry for the late episode post, I passed out on the sofa for 6 hours and ended up writing it between waking up at 11pm and going to bed. (didn’t get much sleep Thursday through Sunday)

@Tetley: Thanks for pointing out the missing time.

@Orion coverage: The image segments were over 14 days, not 20+. Unless you were talking about something else at the same time.

@jerry: What flavour this week?

In the Extended Show Notes in Media Blitz, it says:

00:00:00 · Ivan’s Secrets – KS-23 Gas Grenade Test.

Thought I’ll just point that out.