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On the subject of co-op, I’d love to hear opinions (especially from developers, coders in particular) on the OBCO (Orange Box Co-Operative Base) SDK. How’s the quality on this SDK and are we likely to see a lot more co-op mods now because of it? I imagine it’s probably harder to shoe-horn into existing mods, but for new mods starting up it sure sounds promising.

On why mod communities die:

This is probably criticism that not everyone will appreciate, but I feel that far too many mods are designed around team versus multiplayer (PvP). It’s as if they’re trying to recreate the success of the Quake & Half-Life (1) era that created Team Fortress, Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat. Even the Source versions of these mods don’t have the same sized communities as they once did (well TF2 is bigger, but that’s the exception to the rule with very exceptional development).

The major issue is probably the competition from commercial games. Teamplay / squad games used to be the sole domain of mods, but even the commercial games now have troubles keeping players on servers after they’re a year-old or so. CoD Modern Warfare 2 pretty much replaced everything before it and something will come along that leaves its servers as ghost towns too.

So yeah, I’ll agree, within that scope of team-based multiplayer mods, a strong community is key. If the player community dies, it deflates the developer community.

You mention Sven Co-op at 54:40. You can have a satisfying experience with most any Co-op game with just 3 players (in some cases just 2). You don’t need a fully packed server to get the best experience, so carrying the community along is easier, isn’t it? A co-op mod can rely on a strong development community and the player community may take care of itself.

Making a solid co-op game is harder though, isn’t it? At least if you want gameplay that can be repeated as much as versus multiplayer, because how many times can you go through the Half-Life 1 & 2 campaigns before you’re done? Even the majority of the criticism for Left 4 Dead is that players get bored or burned out (although personally I love L4D 1 & 2). Still, it’s easier to just grab a couple friends together and play together without chasing down a populated server.

I was going to say this, but you beat me to it. The simple sollution is a 4 letter word. Bots. I really wanted to play Jailbreak, but I found it post death. If it had bots, I could boot it up and pull in a friend or 2 and hae fun.

As you hinted at, comertial gamers like AvP die within a week, but there are still people playing Doom and Perfect Dark on Xbox Live because you can play with a couple of friends.

When I saw the pic for this episode i was like FUCK YEA IVAN’S SECRETS! and then I listened to it and I was like awwwww…. and great podcast as usual lol

Rifle is OICW not OCIW other name is XM-29 made by german compaly hekler und koch.

OICW is shortuct of Objective Individual Combat Weapon, what was name of project trying to develope future ultimate assault rifle.

It isnt machinegun/sniper

It is 5.56x45mm assault rifle with 20 and 30 round magazine, with mouned semi automatic 20mm grenadelauncher with 6 rounds in magazine. Grenades can be timed and programmed on field by computer build in scope. This scope has 6x zoom (3x optical 3x digital)
night vission, termovission, calculating of balistic curve of grdenade trajectory. There is also camera sending picture in to display mounted to soldiers helmet, so he is able to shoot behind corner.

whole rifle is water proof and needs batery to run. Batery depleeds on 24 hours and its placed on back of soldier’s belt.

So it is not “wtf is this ridicilous gun” This is very very badass gun….

But doubleshot on spas-12 lets you cool, right? even doublebarelled mp7 with somehow inbuild grenadelauncher is Ok, right? but OICW is wtf gun …. common guys.

Sorry, but there’s no way I would remember that info. I never played the beta, I’ve never used nor seen the gun, and my only experience with it was a chance encounter with it in SMOD. The only thing I remembered was that is was accurate as hell.
So please don’t be offended if we mis-quote things.

I’ve only just recently started listening to Podcast 17 and I want to say thanks guys. It’s highly entertaining (and insightful) going through your archives.

Also: Right now, with the games industry slumping as it is, I think it’s even better to see Source modding highlighted. Even with UDK gaining momentum, or perhaps because UDK is gaining momentum. There’s still a great strength in the mod-style of leveraging the assets associated with Half-Life 2 / Source games, even with mods that eventually transition into full conversions. Source is still IMHO in this magical position that spans everything from entry-level modding / level editing right up to full game design.

So yeah– kudos and keep on doing what you’re doing. =)

About the CD2 Manhacks:

The current goal is to make them similar to controling your squad (press a button while pointing somewhere to make the manhack move to that position).

Though they behave a little bit different in the video. They follow the player around and move where the cursor is pointing (without pressing any button).

Let it be known that all hosts & co-hosts featured on this episode bought and became addicted to Minecraft shortly after the recording.