11 Responses to “Episode #94”


Ffor some reason, this is the only episode I can’t listen to at work. it crashes Internet Explorer everytime when Glenn talks about Ppatrick playing with his willie.

This was an amazing episode. Every time I thought the interview was about to come to a close, you guys launched into another segment.

I usually do mapping work while listening to the podcast. I had already been listening to this episode for 90 minutes…I thought it would be over soon…then I looked at my iTunes and saw that the show still had a full hour left in it and I was like OMG WTF LOL, so rock on. You should strive to get such an awesome interview on Episode 100.

also my weekly routine is to eat ben and jerry’s icecream as i listen to the week’s podcast17. this week’s flavor was mudpie.

Awesome episode.
The interview was VERY good, the Spark engine sounds promising, and your questions covered everything I wanted to know.

You seem to be releasing episodes faster these days :D

I wish they would release to iTunes faster though. My internetz is too slow to get into the live stream these days, so I am living off the podcast via iTunes.