5 Responses to “Episode #93”


@Alien Swarm and it’s SDK:
Anyone played Alien Shooter? It was released quite a while ago. It’s the same, addictive and fun game mechanics.
“Test bench for a Source SDK” – well put, William. Patrick, good choice of words regarding the chain and ball :).
I like how you guys covered Alien Swarm, it was more objective than I expected. Thumbs up!

@Orion: oh boy …

There are ways you can build an auto-update mechanism. While the one I built at one point was just to update clients, I think something can be worked out also for servers.
On the other hand, do you really want the servers to auto-update? I mean what if a server admin decides to tick to an older version?

He will of course have that option, but only players with the same version would be able to join his server.

We basically just want to ensure that if players are updating, they will always have servers running the same up-to-date version as they are, so they have somewhere to play.

Concering Valve’s answer to UDK:
It’d be really simple for them to that, if they chose to…
Release Source SDK, SDK Base, HL2:Deathmatch(pretty much free anyway with both an Nvdia and Ati deal) and HL2 free. Alot of existing MP mods are already mounting only the SDK Base files, so they’d be insta freed, but to allow others to make free mods, they’d need a game, and HL2:DM is pretty much free anyway and HL2 getting pretty old. It’d also get people to buy EP2.

So yeah, alot of stuff to make free, but hard to do? No. They’d win the love of the good old SourceModders, instead of punching them in the face teasing use with the Alien Swarm SDK.

Concerning Orion, I wouldn’t put it all on David…
Quote from the ModDB Alien Swarm SDK newspost “Summary”:
“A new UDK! Valve have launched their new SDK without access restrictions, allowing TC Source mods to become totally free – no purchase necessary.”

TC Source Mods tottally free? I asssume that’s what David believed, but as is now clear, this was an outright lie/wrong assumption by Varsity who posted it.

Source: http://www.moddb.com/games/alien-swarm/news/alien-swarm-sdk-is-free-to-all

To be honest, I feel bad that David is getting mocked just for reading and believing what a credible ModDB staff member wrote, I mean if it was some random dude on the internet I’d say sure, don’t go believing stuff being said, but this was a ModDB staff member for all I know…