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NS2′s actual game bit is all LUA script based (e.g. the actual engine has no NS2 game code in it) so providing you’ve bought the game you can basically mod anything that doesnt require directly altering the source code.

Phillip Should really check out the Swarm TileGen ( http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Swarm_TileGen ) On an earlier Podcast he mentioned an idea for a version of hammer that was easier to get into and although I haven’t tried it out yet it looks like it will become that.

Alien Swarm SDK release will be good. if this includes Valves offical COOP codebase.

With no rights to redistribute the Source engine runtime, the Alien Swarm SDK makes no difference in terms of helping TCs to become games or to be marketed as games. Its the same like giving HL2 for free: you can’t redistribute the runtime, you can only make mods, and you can’t sell your total conversions.

I saw people on moddb saying that this is Valve’s version of UDK. It’s not. If you ask me, it’s a weak response to UDK and Unity.

well i think Valve may rethink that. if Crytek go ahead with their Crysis version of the UDK. i really don’t understand why Unity free version is raved about. it has graphicial features missing. where the UDK is only missing direct Source Code access.

i haven’t looked at the Alien Swarm code yet. so no idea how it compares to the Orange Box SDK code. judging by the comments on MODDB you can’t simply take a current mod and swap it over to the Alien Swarm mod.

I agree, Alien Swarm SDK beats Unity in terms of graphical features. Same goes for UDK. Still, with Alien Swarm, you can’t make games. But as you said it, Valve might change their minds. I hope so.

you guys know you couldv’e downloaded coven 3.0 from there forums the day they made the update on their moddb page? XD

We played an early version from their forums a couple of weeks ago as post-show, but their forums were down for me when I checked before the show and Izzy/Ren didn’t tell us of a new version on there while in chat.

I’m guessing they either had zero usable 3.0 servers up (Ren said they were waiting for all the servers to be running the same version), or (if the version from the 15th is the same as the ModDB release) they didn’t want a bunch of people who don’t actively use the forums getting it early.

I approve of the increasing amount of Phillip we’re being subjected to once again…

Yeah. I’m hoping the move back to Saturday made it fit into his schedule more easily, rather than it being the result of something more temporary.