9 Responses to “Episode #89”


Adventurer’s Club is on Downtown Disney, not Adventureland. And it belongs to WDW.

Wow, you guys need to get some Disney history fix, but good episode nonetheless.

Thanks for the mention foxholeboy. I know there hasn’t been much updates lately. But I’m trying to keep as much of the mod as a surprise. Love the show btw, I listen to every podcast :)

Thanks for linking my site again Will! Now I really need to get the damn homepage all nice and fancy.

If I may critique my own voices: My Ellis, while in the ball park, is a little off and lack luster. I seem to have mistaken “Southern Drawl” for “Apathetic and Lazy”. My Scout, while far from perfect, is on the right track and much improved to my earlier attempts. I feel that as I work on my Boston accent (which tends to run a bit Southie anyway) it will improve even more. My church guy was probably the best of the three male voices, but I’m really more happy that it took me so little time to get my energy up and that I didn’t do the whole start/stop thing out of embarrassment.

However my Rochelle was definitely the best. Totally. It is so sexy, I have isolated the clip and just replay it over and over.