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I guess you guys are getting rid of Listener Call-ins and the Lost News mini-podcast for a while?

We didn’t do listener call in this week because my parents computer couldn’t handle the load. We will be doing listener call in every week from now on I reckon. Also the lost news mini-podcast has been on hiatus for personal reasons regarding wake. I promise you listener call in will return.

They seem to usually only do Listener Call-ins when they’re doing an interview (which I personally think is weird, because sometimes I just want to bring up a point of discussion in the community, instead of asking a dev a question), which they didn’t do this episode. And the Lost News mini-podcast was just a test… I guess it didn’t go over so well? :s

Welcome back, Emanuel.

“Provoke the car”? Like in the signs that say “Don’t poke the car”? Come on …

@Surprise! Portal 2 Coming to Playstation 3.:
It’s not stupid. They prepare their engine at being multi-platform. They also do this with Steam. This means more, much more sales. It also means a more stronger domination of Steam in terms of digital content delivery (Emanuel, high-five, we’re on the same page here). This is a double edge sword though.

Steam engine looking better: mmm … not too impressed. They’re keeping up the pace to me, but nothing more.

@Counter-Strike: Source
If they make it with TF2 elements, then the only thing that makes them different id their graphical style? I don’t like this, it somehow removes the choice of another kind of game experience.