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Well I think Nick makes an exellent addition to the team and maybe you guys should consider him as a more prominent character. One more vote for says me. And its nice to be back listening to you guys and in the community. just upgraded my pc so Caboose is back to stay ;)

Was thrilled to have the pleasure of listening to both Patrick and Bluefire on the same occasion with this weeks P17. Am a tiny bit bias in that they are both very good friends of mine, but they are both so because of their fantastic humour. I’d love to hear Blue on here as a regular again (as well as Patrick ofc :P). Fantastic episode this week, very much enjoyed! :D

Emanuel said “best dynamics”.

@TF2 and the training mode: I agree, PC gamers can now whipe out MAC people :D
As for the training mode, everybody gets it, right?

Mac vs. PCs? regardless on how many MACs join in, there will always be more PCs. And more experienced. So, PC 4tw!

@Episode PS3
Valve is a PC gaming company. No point in killing yourselves over that. You will get it on the PC.

Yea Herr, I’m not too concerned about the Mac environment… the way I see it it just means more people play valve games and that’s important.