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I gotta agree with Phillip about the response to Combine Road, I’ve also felt that it hasn’t got that much attention and really, it has been done before. Take for example Taste the Cake and We Like You Gordon Freeman. I guess it hasn’t been promoted very well, I actually was talking to Mike (one of my friends) about it and he said he’s never heard of Combine Road. I guess you guys really do need to get a video, I’ll be happy to do it but I’m afraid my G-Mod skills are poor =(

Anyway, good luck with Combine Road and please do release a Christmas special! Thanks

- Stalk

Just to clarify about the lines regarding the script lines.

The custom line is optional. The mapper can decide if they want it, they don’t have to have it. They decide what the exact line is. I just record what they want.

Oh okay, William just clarified it. Since I’ve already typed it, I’ll leave it.

The custom sentence is NOT part of the 3 required lines.

BTW, one has has already been sent.

Damn drivers >=C !!!

I tell you, once I was riding my bike and some f****r in car in front of me just turned without blinkers !

I reacted and hit breaks, but it was too late, he took me down, broke my left arm and you know what? He just ran away and nothing heapend to him, because our police has surveilence cameras just to watch traffic, but those are not recording anything, so you could just murder someone In Prague and nobody even know witch car you had.

So Im with you Emanuel >=D soon we “Brotherhood of bikers”, we will rise and we will slaughter all those mo********rs, and chop of their dicks and tits and than we will kill their children and their perents and we gonna masackre even their frineds and friends of those friends, until there will onone left to share single tear for them!!!

When its done we shall burn their homes and build new cyclistic roads there ! Damnt IM so angry !

Breathe…. just breathe chezechdeath. It’ll be OK.

I can understand your frustration though, people who “hit and run” are cowards they should be punished more than people who are responsible and stick around after the accident. I wouldn’t go so far as to “chop of their genitalia and the like”, but definitely some punishment.

I think you might need anger classes.