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About the Source Engine update and supposed easy fix, you have to realize that

1)Not everyone actually modifies code to make a mod and Source SDK used AppID 220 (Half-life 2) as its default configuration. There is no indication in Hammer or the SDK menu about the better ways to setup a mod. This information exists, of course. But think that anyone who had their mod working perfectly fine (until the update, that is) would have no reason whatsoever to look up if they were setting up their mod “the right way”. It worked, and it stopped working. Period.

2)As for the fix, it does enable the old HL2 mods to run under the Source SDK Base engine, but there are several problems that some people are willing to overlook, and I’m not.
-The drawing distance or rather the polygon drawing limit for this version of the HL2 engine is lower than standard HL2. This makes polygons dissapear in certain parts of certain mods which didn’t happen before. That’s kind of dissapointing.
-The system for reading VCD scenes in the game has changed, and the engine can no longer look into the HL2 gcf files for HL2′s standard scenes. You must extract them (download GCFscape etc) if you want them to play. That wasn’t necessary before either.
-Closecaption files no longer work on a txt basis and require a new file to be compiled. But that’s easy so we can overlook it.
-Scenes look for WAV files only if they contain scripts (text files that specify parameters for WAVs such as volume, source etc), making scenes that contain regular WAVs instead of scripts become silent.

In all fairness. It is NOT an easy fix if your mod contains certain elements.

Dystopia supporter beta is just a separate private download that has built in security features to stop non-supporters from playing it.
Dystopia has a fairly small playerbase these days between 50-80 people that play regularly. the competitive scene though is quite strong there is regularly 10 plus teams/clans that play in the 5v5 league.

Jeeez …. I told you last week I won’t be able to be live. Stop sulking already …
Recording on Saturdays? That’s great! It’ll make it easier for me to show up in the chat.

@T-shirts: Moddb tried that … It didn’t work out that well, unfortunately.

@Demons Vs Humans, taking it further than HL2: how about also changing the engine to UDK and make it a full game?

Patrick, good job in the L4D rant! Loved it and how you focused on how mutations can affect the gameplay in a really bad way.

@Source in the mod’s title:
:P Gay in terms of “happy”? If so, what’s wrong with being happy about making a HL2 mod?
As for Chivalry, props to them for deciding to make a game. I believe this will become a trend, sooner than later.

William, there’s no point in staying away from MW. The game is good. There is plenty of good stuff besides Valve, you know :)

@stabbing: I’m pretty sure the stabbed guy didn’t die: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Counter-Strike-FPS-Knife-Fight,10543.html#xtor=RSS-181

happy birhtday you are now as old as I am =)

ABOUT THAT HL2 huge update !!! IT fills half-life 2 and episode one with astronomical number of bugs ! You shold cover that !

It is pretty annoing to see screwed skyboxes and wierd animations bad shadows.