3 Responses to “Episode #84”


As of posting this, the comments on justinsbigidea’s channel about the Steam on Mac video is over 50 pages.

His video has 400 “Likes” and 10341 “Dislikes”

183,399 views on the video, 14,771 views on his channel

Last signed in a week ago, channel comments section suggesting that he died/committed suicide/was murdered/rage-quit youtube after his video was so poorly received.

He has 78 subscribers.

All together, his videos have 197,586 views. That means that he has 14,187 views split up amongst the rest of his 78 uploads.

In contrast the “Why You’re Wrong” video has 2482 “Likes” and “113″ dislikes.

I think that we know where the majority stands on the issue there.

Great show, I’m definately going to have to keep my eye on Half-Life 2: BetaSource.

@L4D2 mutation: they people that choose them are fans, just like you. Try to be more understanding >:)

@The Conversation: it is true, Sony dug their own grave: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/56844
How can you make your own platform hard to develop on, intentionally!

@Prima Guides: Glenn, that’s exactly the value of guides: they’re pretty and related to the game.
Now that doesn’t mean that all manuals/guides are useless. But it is true, you need to be quite attached to the game to buy the guide.

It reminds me of “Weapons if Doom”, a bonus ‘manual’ that was distributed with Doom 3. I liked it, it described how each weapon was made and so on. It didn’t bring anything new to the game, but I strangely got attached to it.

Sundays are off-limits for me, so “Happy Birthday!”.