8 Responses to “Episode #82”


Great show, but I really want to whine about one thing.

Realism versus is MUCH better than the normal versus.

On normal versus survivors usually just rushes trough the whole level and spams autoshotguns at everything that moves. It is much easier to play as survivor.

On realism versus you need to stay together, if you don’t, you are most likely going to die. And when you play as intfected, it is much easier to kill survivors. Harder as survivor, easier for infecteds = awesome.

There is HUGE difference on normal/realism versus. Survivors CANT SEE TROUGH WALLS ANYMORE.

Maybe interesting to know for William:
The zombie’s of Nightmare House 2 were modelled by a certain someone from the GraviNULL team(GuessMyName).

We are everywhere *ninja*

Versus is terrific with a group of 7 people you know. It gets hilarious, I completely agree.

Enjoyable episode! Prop hunt was major fun too :)

I dont understand your un-dieing hate for versus mode. its so much fun with a group of friends.

I do with valve had the tank run as a mutation. that looks like so much fun.

Good episode.

standard Spas-12 has 8 rounds in tube magazine … shorter one, than there is 6 rounds. Im almost sure hl2 spas-12 should have 8

Also upper barrel and lower barrel, like hint in orangebox is telling you “right mosebutton, to shoot both barrels” thats total bullhit, because the “pipe – tube” below the barrel is magazine. so If there is something realy wrong with Spas-12 in hl2, than it is whole “doubleshot” think

so just for you to know =D