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Oh god I remember the pod racing game. I was so bad at it, I would crash all the damn time! I remember I was so bad that usually I would just play to see if I could complete the course and most of the time I would be able to hear my racer crying. Fun times…

I play the interview segment when I go to sleep so I can drift to nothingness whist listening to Izzy’s voice.

@TF2 Blog:
Emmanuel would say: hats, now badges and other decorations?

They’re doing it because it is technically possible, and (my guess) they always wanted to do that. That’s the only reason I can see for shifting ;) from an arcade style to a more realistic sim. They always wanted it, but aimed for arcade just to be safe.
I wish them good luck, and I hope they’ll manage to implement the change (and extra features brought with it).

@BlackMesa Source:
Lemme guess the key phrase in their future December 2010 news post: it’ll not be released in 2010. I agree with Mariss, it is dead. They don’t have the energy to pick it up, throw away useless assets, trim the fat down if you will.