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It was pretty obvious that “william” didn’t come back for the passing, because he didn’t come back to record any new lines for crash course. Someone should make a kerplunk gamemode for gmod.

I could have made it to today’s live show, but when I checked the agenda, the whole timer part was not showing up.

Sorry to hear that Dias. If you encounter the problem again in the future, we also post recording times to our Steam events.

I don’t have time to look into it right now, but if you answer these questions it could help when I do:
– When did you check it? — If you happen to know the exact time that would be ideal, but an approximate time is fine.
– What time zone are you in? — Useful for testing and for converting the time given above so I can check the error logs.
– What was missing? — e.g. entire corner box missing, corner box was empty, just the smaller countdown boxes missing, etc.

-somewhere around 3-4 hours before the recording started. I checked again about an hour into the recording and it showed up fine.
-the entire corner box was missing.

For some reason it never occurred to me to before to join the steam group.

Ah, I didn’t realise the problem was so close to the recording time so didn’t make the connection. Sorry, it was my fault.

I was tweaking the agenda stuff on the night before/morning of recording this episode, to remove a very old and partly broken version of my shownote plugin that was powering the agenda display. During that time the agenda page was temporarily broken a few times.

I know it’s better to develop in a separate environment, but on this occasion it was much easier to do it live. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This new home page layout is definitely getting my jiggle bones jiggling. Good work! I would maybe tease with two other older posts though to promote traffic to past shows. They don’t have to be as big, but maybe something like the three module boxes that appear under the main post now. I know the “Top Posts” kind of does this already; albeit, in text.


Don’t worry Patrick, its just nerves even if you don’t notice them at first. Experience is the key. “like” is better than uhms and erms!

Love the new site layout, good to see Nic pulling his weight at long last. (Carried for 80 eps Nicky!) I like the segways too, effective transition work is the highest level of professional podcastin’…and it’s guaranteed to get worse. “Speaking of Ham (and Jam)…*insert pig / bacon / pork segway*” Watch this space.

I say “like” way too much MUST IMPROVE

Like, totally, Patrick.

I really enjoyed this episode and it was technically the first time I stepped up to williams requests and was a contributing host. Good times. Poor Glenn. And I heart his english behind so much. <3

Ok nice episode … good idea of making those separate podcast, I just hope that one will link to other… I dont have time to serach for it …

Nice pulpm fiction voice acting tryout If I wouldn’t be Czech – means my engils isnt propably smooth enough – I would try voiceacting, because I just love making voices / noices – beatbox / and so far lots of people enjoyed it (as they said and laughed) ยด=D

@Side Episode:
The side episodes are now going to be linked on the main site and we will be either having their own iTunes feed and/or part of the main feed. We haven’t worked this out yet, but the side episode is very noticeable now that the main site is live. Just go to http://www.podcast17.com

Find someone who is doing a mod in a Russian setting… there is NOTHING wrong with doing a Czech voice-over and having English subs… I’m really waiting for an awesome “forign” mod to do that… a mod doesn’t NEED to be in english – just provide us with subtitles :D

@Side show:
So you are going to do those after all. Will it be just Wake on the mic? Will you have guests?

@TF2 Blog: Item Drop Changes.
Won’t that set a limit? Like “no point in playing for more than one hour” ?

@transition from GldSrc to Source:
Dunno … Perhaps they didn’t amp their game assets to match the possibilities of the engine?

@Spherical Nightmares:
Since Emmanuel is not on the show, I’ll try to fill in his shoes.

William, it’s not just the “no recent updates”. They changed their release date to TBD. I translate it like this: “Forget about releasing it any time soon.” Or worse, ” We no longer want to commit to releasing the mod”. ‘Cause setting a release date is a commitment to release.

Now, it could all be due to some external causes (read “Real Life”), but that’s no reason to hide it, or as WizardExt says, “nothing I want to explain in detail”. But I doubt that. From the moddb profile, I take it he is the sole developer. And for one guy to tackle a “single player modification featuring ~10 levels”, that’s a recipe for disappointment, for both the community, and this is worse, for the developer himself.

Out of Emmanuel shoes: start small. One map, just to see if the concept works out.

… Emmanuel … taking over … gaaah ….

I mean look at their list of news posts on moddb:

Oct 29, 2008 – Not dead, just silent.
Apr 11, 2009 – Not dead, just silent #2.
Oct 07, 2009 – A fresh new start.

and now “A sign of life”? WTF?

Finally, managed to subdue the Emanuel inside me.
Dunno. In my case, when the mod reaches one year since development started, it’s time to start trimming the fat and release whatever I have. So, I say cut some mechanics/artwork that are not finished, or that don’t make sense with the changed scope of the mod. And release something. Otherwise frustrations will pile up, on both sides of the mod, community and the developer.

The alternative is much more difficult. The alternative (assuming you still want to make the mod) is to get people to help with the development. This means explaining your artistic vision to them. Brain wash them. And THAT is difficult.

@Spherical Nightmares:
I agree with most you said Herr Alien, just the release date part.
I’ve seen mods set a release date, then set it further … and further.

It’s sort of like a date you use to tell everyone: “Okay it’s definitely gonna be out then” and shouldn’t be used as a personal “goal”.

Setting it to TBD is better, because the approach of setting the release date further is the same thing of avoiding a releasing, only then you’re still keeping fans on their toes.

TBD should be the standard date, until you know you can actually release at the set date, it’s your personal set deadlines and goals that should determine a release. Trying to adhere to some date set in public only leads to bad things, you’ll likely just release something crappy.

But again, I do agree with the rest of your points, starting small with one map and polishing that could be a goal. Rather then change the release date, instead mold your goals into something achievable.

Sort of like what the big games are doing nowadays, cut out features and add them later as (paid)DLC.
That way you can ensure everything is polished and make the release date, updates and patches are your means of getting all that extra stuff out after you have the basics of your game/mod down.

Currently just Wake, I don’t have enough time to invest in another Podcast – as much as I would love to do it.

Other than WANTING to actually play the game for fun :P I guess so

I just don’t think the gameplay transitions well… the assets are fine the game looks beautiful, just don’t think it works well on Source. Not the developers fault.

Yea you do have a point, their track-record isn’t that great… I was surprised BlueFire wanted to talk about it; it was his decision, normally I would ignore a post like this