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Yeah sounded like Tobias had a sore throat, poor guy.

Yay for the next podcast being out (pray) tomorrow or at least Tuesday maybe? =(
Please? :D
It’s sad, I end up listening to these things 2-3 times at least, but I find I miss stuff (as I’m usually reading other sites or playing a game when listening).

Good show as always.

Interesting to hear about Suicide Survival, I laughed so hard during that interview, the sheer craziness of the whole thing is genius :)

The gameplay concept is however quite old, I remember a mod for Quake 2 called “Crate dm” where all the players looked like crates and every map was set in a warehouse. I couldn’t find any links unfortunately but I did find a Quake 3 Arena version here http://planetquake.gamespy.com/View.php?view=MOTW.Detail&id=199 just in-case anyone is feeling nostalgic :)

Great show this week, one of my favourites for sure!

Another good podcast, like usual. Gogo Tobias btw :D
Also bout the decadence dev kit I plan on doing something like that once my own mod is nearly done.
Release the .fgd and custom textures/models(though its not a total conversion so there wont be tons of custom stuff) which would allow mappers to make maps before release, so not really the same as what the decadence dev team does since they’ll be simple custom maps but it’s mostly to allow mappers to get a head start so that there’ll be custom maps out shortly after release(hopefully :) )

Great show, as always, boys.

On the subject of Valve sales figures, are we talking CS:S sold separately only under the CS:S section? As far as I remember CS:S came bundled with HL2, so that would make the actual owners of retail, off the shelf, CS:S equal to the figures of CS:S- and HL2-owners together.
I’m not surprised to see only a few people bought CS:S separately, since HL2 is such a freaking awesome game you would have bought that, getting CS:S in the bundle…

@Discrate: Some of you “hardcore” listeners might of noticed this picture on last weeks podcast, we quickly changed it to save for this weeks because we had a suicide survival interview.

I’m a bit confused by the comment about Phillip looking like Jobs/Freeman. Where exactly is this video of Phillip ? or was William talking about himself?