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It’s called soccer!! The European sport is called soccer!

Well, it does seem to have the attributes of an MMO RPG. A zombie killing MMO. And the transformation you mentioned does make it unbalanced.
I like Dave’s question, maybe they should add quests for zombies.

It’s not only the inventory, it’s also the decaying environments that remind me of STALKER.

@Red Avenue
I liked your discussion over this mod. What I believe it could be a good compromise is:
– have the ‘mandatory’ puzzles easy. Basically anything that you need to solve in order to advance, have it on the easier side
– have other puzzles, that give you an advantage, harder.

Basically ramp up the puzzles, so that anyone can play the game and finish it, but only a few have access to the more hidden weapons/armor/whatever …

I agree with you on Red Avenue. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge and puzzles, but when I’m playing find the pixel for a key that stops me from continuing and places leading me in circles with no clue or direction the game looses everything it’s trying to create with it’s atmosphere. Look at research and development, some challenging puzzles but not to a frustrating extent, and I’m sure Cry of Fear will hit the nail on the head

also HAHA they kept the fly stuff in XD