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Cheeky swines, but lets be honest. As soon as Valve make the Steam announcement to vote for them it’s game over for anyone else. Plain old abuse of Steam!

I think Zynga got some many vote because the site holding the competition made you able to use Facebook to vote.

Because Zynga has many Facebook games…. they linked all their players to the site, were they could easily vote for them.

Man, I remember Half-Life 2 For Kids from years ago. I remember it was one of the things that encouraged me to start mapping. Really sparked my nostalgia that you brought it up :D

What I meant was based on how he handles the Black Mesa Incident, he probably were somewhat badass before it occurred.

Jokes aside, didn’t he live in the BM dormitories? Since getting in and out of a huge complex like that everyday must consume lots of time.
While this does not answer the question directly, it gives me the impression that he would’ve driven a simple car or none at all.

Also, I downloaded Dopusk31 from a link in the PP forums instead of PPs upload (hence why I said it was poorly translated), and I have little to none crashes at all, but my friends gets crashes all the time, so there must be something with that upload.

Yes, he might have lived onsite but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have a car in his home. The question was more to do with his personality than his actual circumstances.

With regard to the Dopusk31 file, the only difference is a text file, so it’s very unlikely to be my upload. In addition just because you didn’t have many crashes and your friend did, it’s not very scientific to say it’s the upload.

I’d just like to make a public apology to Dave for using his “Arcadium” name. I hadn’t heard of it until I listened to parts of this podcast. Sorry Dave.

With regard top the poll Question, if you had read the post properly, it was asking what kind of car he WOULD have driven before the shit hit the fan.

Of course, now that he is a bad ass then anything he drives is cool.

Phillip if you listen to the podcast we did mention that – we mentioned it a bunch of times that we were talking about what kinda car Gordon would drive before the cascade. We even mentioned that fact that before the cascade black mesa had a bunch of public transit so he probably took the bus or lived on campus.

William, I did listen. I would never post a comment unless I had listen! I just felt that there was too much focus on what he would drive after tha accident. Stuff like the Duke of Hazard reference.