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Those Minds were really quite bad. More like Let’s Play videos done in character than an actual show.

@ News Roundup Side Episode: two people agreed with my suggestion. Go for it(?)

@Natural Selection: RTS/FPS? Nobody doing this? By “nobody” you mean Westwood (C&C Renegade), ISOTX (Iron Grip) and derivatives (Blue Hell’s “Red Alert: A Path Beyond”), or even open source stuff, like Tremulous?
As for a cheap quick fix, mine is “Red Alert: A Path Beyond”.
All I’m saying is that NS2 has competition, and I sure hope they’ll attract more than the first NS fans to the new game.

@difficulty and gameplay: there is a decline, that’s true. Still, there are some modern games that did things right. My example here is STALKER.
Modern Warfare is a good cinematic game. What it lacks is challenges, and because of that the game style get’s old after a while.
Opposed to that, I found that the RPG elements in STALKER keep it fresh. I mean I replayed that game several types, and enjoyed each time. Granted that I increased the difficulty, changed tactics (joined Freedom, and by that making the Bar a hot zone), and it is still fun and fresh.

Mariss, good question there. Keep’em comming.

You know… I was going to say CNC Renegade, but honestly – that game was so under-prepared. It was a great game and I had a shit ton of fun playing it, but nobody knew of it. I would bet my bike that more people will know about NS2 before the release than people who knew about CNC Renegade. Iron Grip I did forget about, but you gotta admit that none of these games really existed when NS1 was out. Further – even though they came out much later than NS1 (with the exception of Renegade) [NS1 2002, Renegade 2002, Iron Grip 2006, APB 2009, Tremulous 2006], I don’t think any of the games come to the quality and size up to the high execution of Natural Selection (Iron Grip comes close IMO). I still think the gaming community is going to be stunned by what Natural Selection 2 has to offer because it is still a very very new game mode with _limited_ competition.

God… Stalker pissed me off at how brutally hard it was; couple that with poor performance I had to give up, I would like to go back to it though now that they have cleaned up some of the performance issues and I have a much better computer. I have no want to play Modern Warfare because I could close my eyes, and pretty much envision EVERYTHING about that game; I’d rather play ARMA2 – at least B.I. is trying to do something unique with large scale war (simulation) games.

Iron Grip is more tower defense to me. Renegade, the multiplayer part is almost pure RTS: buy tanks and destroy the enemy base.
Anyway, all I’m saying is that there were previous attempts at executing this hybrid. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for NS2, I hope they do it right.

Modern Warfare is a good SP game, and from what I have seen, also a good MP component. It is worth trying.
STALKER is teh sheet :)) …

Portal 2 will be released stand alone, it used to be basicly a side project but valve announced that this will be a full on standalone release so it will be like 2-3 times as long and will have plenty of new features, I personally cant wait and will be buying it on the day it releases.

Not discrediting you, but do you have a source that quotes Valve saying that it’ll be standalone? I too think it’ll be a standalone game, but I couldn’t find a source that said that.

“The fiercely independent studio is investing more time, more capital, and more risk into a stand-alone, full-price retail release.”

I’m sure you’ve already read that. However, while it’s not an official Valve source, the exclusive information in the set of articles is enough to convince me that Valve told them it would be stand-alone and full-price.

EDIT: The Portal 2 page on the new Valve Software website says “Visit gameinformer.com for more information.”.