11 Responses to “Episode #74”


Yah, more focus on discussions and the interviews! Thats the stuff I dig.
The old style of using 10-15 mins for running thru all the news items was a bit boring, I always wanted to skip to the juicy discussions.

“We never breaked the live stream chat limit”.

Lies! What about when Ross Scott came on the show? Didn’t you folks break the chat limit then?

About the Blue Portals map, the switches with the blue lights restart your time. So it’s NOT really 60 seconds.

And yes, only blue portals. Except in the Time Trials map.

I like the new show format, I’ve always wanted more discussions and less news. I get all the news I want from other sources and I come here to hear if the releases are worth my time or not.
Good job.

I miss covering small news updates and then totally destroying them. It offers comedy. This new format only covers the good stuff where “yeah, this big release is big” is expected.

We are still toying with the idea of doing a mini-cast each week which is a run down of the news, but there wouldn’t be any opinion attached to that. We take a lot of flack for those “destroying comments” and in the end it’s not really worth going through news posts where the poster doesn’t spend the time to polish up their work. On the other hand however, then we wouldn’t have the great relationships we have with say… SHIFT and Modular Combat. I didn’t really think of this… thanks Korge.

Actually now that I”m thinking about it a little bit more clearly I think we would still end up with SHIFT like relations… Assume SHIFT just announced their mod and we are going by the “new format” I think we would still cover the news media becuase of our original skepticism of the vehicle netcode. Just because we “cover” something doesn’t mean it needs to be positive. There just wasn’t many negative things to say this week – I think the bottom line is that if the poster doesn’t spend some time in composing their media properly we won’t spend the time covering it.

HI Dudes ! Im listening you guys like from 1th podcast and I like anything from you OK ? I dont care how you will make brothcast, as long as it will be funny and informative (cause I dont have time to read any news on web)

hehe keep listening then I can promise we will continue to cover the interesting bits of the week and try to keep it as informative as possible. Welcome to the Podcast.

I like the new format, concentrating on your 3-4 favourite posts of the week certainly allows for more discussion which is good. It was getting a bit stale rushing through 30 odd mods and briefly saying the update content, one comment and moving on.

Having a good 4-5 minutes chat on each one is much better and your comments on HaJ are appreciated and understood. New format is certainly more useful to us as you actually talk about stuff and discuss issues etc.