10 Responses to “Episode #72”


I have to say, this is one of the best Podcasts you guys have ever released. In the beginning, it was simple things like talking about the erm… Kangaroo stuff, and then jokingly ending the Podcast after that – I love that type of humour and doesn’t normally show up without Emmanuel around. The discussion on the Steam UI was very nicely done minus David’s awkward random swearing-insults (when talking about Orion afterwards), and the thing that topped it all off for me was the interview. Without a doubt, Fitzroy_Doll of CSS SCI FI was the best interview ever. He was clear, concise and extremely knowledgeable. It was a pleasure listening to him speak and talk even about something I’m not generally interested in – that says it all, I think.

Hey, thanks for the mention of A Brief Detour, I’m glad to hear you liked it. Hopefully my next project will be a little longer.

I really like the extra depth with the variation of cubes Colossal, I hadn’t paid much attention to the mod before but that spin on the gameplay will make things certainly more interesting. Just don’t make it too hard for me (Portal prelude made me cry!)

I was thinking about the message Barney gives Gordon yesterday, Nic. Gordon has never said a word to Barney, ever. Yet at this moment Barney requests Gordon’s first words are fudge you. Like Gordon is going to break his silence for all these years and just tell Breen to hop it. SO UNREALISTIC.

This podcast has a really great interview too with Peter. Make sure you check it out, he knows his stuff.

Hey, guys. Thanks for talking about Blue Portals for more than three seconds. Also, we plan on keeping the current cube system we have. We’re not going to make the ice cube freeze water or anything like that or have the fire cube burn zombies (no, there’s no zombies, just saying). Means a lot.

They curse plenty of cursing in HL2. Alyx says “Alyx-Enough of your bullshit!” “Dad? Dad! Damn it! Dog, open the airlock get us out of here!” Barney says “Damn it! Get it off me!” when he gets jumped by Lamarr. And a number of characters have said “Oh shit!”
About half of the characters have cursed. It’s just not as frequent and ham-fisted as crap like Gears of War.

Puns? Someone said puns? How about his one: “I suck balls at coding”
Get it!?

Loved the GraviNULL part (obviously I’m biased here xD), I was listening during the live show but only caught half of it cause I was busy.

Also William, Alt` has placed a curse on you for saying GraviNULL was mostly made by just me and Wills. Although he’s always claiming I made gn_worse. Serves you right Alt` serves you right!