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Re: Outpost 16

I don’t know if this is appropriate, but you guys were talking about my voice actress and I just wanted to point out she did in fact do all the voicework for Alyx in my mod, and herself is actually a concept artist and animated short film maker. She’s got a website at: http://www.yasminjoyner.com

Re: Emmanuel’s comments on HaJ lowering animations.

Emmanuel, people DO lower their weapons like that – even when sprinting.

http://www-personal.ksu.edu/%7Estone/Stalingrad.JPEG (guy to the left)

I think his comment was not on them being lowered, but that they look a bit awkward in how they look while sprinting (very slow and fluid motion, which in my experience of running with my rifle is not so fluid).

@WWI: Source Beta 1
I didn’t play the mod, but from your comments, it appears to me that realism was the big issue here. Bare with me and read on:
– in WWI, you’d have a lot of people charging the trench line. Now, because of the limitations of the server, you’d get at most 16 people per team. That’s not a lot of people, and that explains why Matt complains about not having something to shoot.
– the distances are too close to realism. I mean although you have only 16 players max, the front line seems conceived for at least 64 people on one team.
– the machinegun deploying in 12 seconds: although realistic, it makes you vulnerable for far too long.

Maybe have the trench system scaled down, to match the number of people that play a match?
Maybe they should cut down the realism in favor of game mechanics?
Have the combat take place in more confined spaces, like in the trenches themselves? Have also meelee scenarios, where you have a bayonette at the end of the rifle and you get to use it?

I know we had issues with the AvP2 Team Fortress mod: waay too many weapons were instant killing. That made the game play as a series of spawn – run – kill somebody with one shot – get killed by somebody hidding in a corner – spawn …
What we did is we reduced the damage so that combat was more engaging and less insta-kill-y. And then something happened as a result: people started to use more character classes, because now combat was … fun!

@Combine Insurrection and Progress reports:
I agree with William, it’s not a smart move to use titles like that. And indeed, since news posts usually take more than 15 minutes (trust me, Emanuel, if you do a video thinggy it takes hours), he is diverting his efforts from the mod.

Hire somebody to do PR. That’s my best advice for them.

@Kingdoms Collide Beta Delayed
Do PR for the mod. Use this time to make the mod known to a larger public.

My pick of the week: Emanuel’s performance this time. Unforgiving, and yet reasonable.

I don’t agree with your comment that 12 seconds is a realistic time to take something off your shoulder and put it on the ground and thats all the animation shows the player doing. The weapon can weight up to 50 pounds and you could set it up faster than that.

Like your other points though!

Matt, you do have a point there, 12 seconds for just slamming an MG on the ground is a bit much. It could be that my initial reasoning behind this was wrong. Maybe they didn’t have the anim last that long for sake of realism. Maybe they just wanted to force the MG players be less mobile.

You know what? Convince William to have the team in for an interview. They will be much better at providing these kind of answers.

I don’t completely agree with Emanuel about the reasons for not seeing interesting content. Most of the websites I was thinking about are fan-based sites, not commercial sites, so that argument doesn’t really hold.

Also, interesting content can be commercial viable because it’s original and exclusive. It gives reasons for visitors to come to your site and not just any other. If you are a new site you have to do some thing well to get visitors; you must have the news posted ASAP, you must try and give it an interesting twists, you must have exclusives, a large user base or at the very least make the site easy to use.

Here is an idea for an article; the fall of PHL. That’s gotta be an interested read.

The remedy is to actual go a write some great stuff and publish it.

Maybe Emanuel is right about the types of people writing, more individual giving their opinion. Although, sometimes I don’t want to read rants, just insightful, well-researched pieces.

I don’t want you to think that I am blaming anyone or saying that “I” write original stuff, because that’s not the reason for my article. I think ALL the community is guilty of it. Even here at Podcast17 we discussed some article ideas but they didn’t really come to anything, probably because of the work involved and I think that perhaps that comes back to Emanuel’s original point. Maybe in the past we had more time because that’s all the writers did; play games and mods and write articles, now we seem to be doing 10 things at once.

There must be a lot of users out there who could write some interesting articles. Why doesn’t Podcast17 start publishing user-submitted articles? Sorry to dump this on you William but PP is not the place for this.

In fact, that reminds me what somebody said on PP, that there is a lot of interesting discussion of forums. Have forums repalced the written articled published on the frontpage?

Maybe people feel that getting something published on the main page of a website is too hard – the process of submitting, editing etc is just not worth the hassle, whereas posting a thread on a forum is painless.

Idea: A gaming website where ANYBODY can submit gaming articles with NO interference from the admin (except checking to make sure it’s relevant to gaming and meets the rules of the site). Readers can comment, of course, but also rate the article and comment on it’s style and presentation too. GamingArticles.com anyone?

You can do what you wish to accomplish with the Reddit API (which is publicly availble). People can post articles/news and others can vote on them thereby deciding which articles make it to the front page – it would be completely user driven.

I’m pretty sure that Destructoid.com’s community blog section more or less fits the bill for your idea, but I’m not completely sure.

Happy VALVEntine’s day! Anyway, where is the bitch-card from Emanuel? :)
Cool to have the GoldenEye team back for the lost interview. Thumbs up!