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I’ve listened back to some of this episode and it was a enjoyable evening with the delectable Mr Marlowe. I’m glad the Human Error song was added it was a lovely ending to the episode! I hope you guys enjoyed listening as we struggled through without grand master William who shall now return and tidy up the mess me and Phillip left.

We totally wrecked his recording studio like the rockstars we aspire to be \o/

Wow, this episode was a Phillip Fest. I think the song at the end, sung by Phillip I suppose, sounds like some crazy indie folk about space marines and psychological confusion.

Ponies and lighting guns. That part was hilarious. *high five Phillip*

I liked the interview and talk about Human Error, interesting. The ending song, of the podcast, is awesome?! Love the flute and awesome lyrics/singing. Listened to it twice.

Good work guys! :)

Great show folks – I’m gonna stop coming to episodes more often! You guys do a better job than I do! Thanks again Phillip and Glenn (well except for the ponies with lasers in PVK hehe).

Some might say it was a f^%k up but others would say “Ponies with Lasers” is pure genius. In fact, I suggest somebody start making the next greatest MP mod:
“Barbie, GI Joe and My Little Pony”

Each player choose a side and fights to the death.

Barbie’s have incredible balance, the ability to hypnotize GI Joe’s just by wiggling their boobs and ass, their main weapon is the SHOE. They throw various types of shoes that each have slightly different capabilities.

GI Joe’s just have the regular army shit.

My Little Pony’s obviously have a laser firing out of their ass. Hell, what more do you need?

Arena,s range from stables to shopping malls.
This mod has everything, action excitement, boobs and ponies with lasers.

Just send William an email if you think it’s a good idea. Also, please tell your friends about it. I really think in a few months it could beat CS as the most played game on the Steam network.

Good show.Should always add the cutting room floor files.Pretty funny

Yeah, William was listening to the recording and decided to publish the cuttings too; we’re planning on making it a regular thing.

The idea can probably be attributed in part to Herr_Alien. Myself and William were talking briefly about why he would record only the pre-show, intermission and post-show last week and came to the conclusion that he probably wanted to have them for future listening alongside the standard show.

We’re still undecided on whether to publish the cuttings in their own seperate mp3 as with interview excerpts, or put up an unabridged version alongside the standard mp3; with post processing, but no cutting. We’re leaning towards an unabridged version, but will be asking about it in next weeks show.

I suggest as a stand alone like this one. That way you are not forced to listen to it as part of the full episode, even if the episode is available without it. I would say that everybody on the show should be warned beforehand, just so they know.

Yeah, I think you’re right. The main concern was getting the chatter in context instead of it just starting/ending abruptly, but if we faded the audio outside of the cut it would preserve any context. (e.g. pre-show would end with “welcome to episode xx …” and post show would start with the goodbyes and singing)

I fully agree with the warning about publication. People should, at the very least, be warned either just before or after being added to the call. — In hindsight it would also have been courteous to give yourself and Glenn a heads-up before we published the cut audio, although William may have done that.

Aaah, the British version of podcast 17 … this should be interesting!

@BSODs: apparently it’s caused by the security patch?

@William having his but smacked:
Well, maybe I can help out with that:


That’s William, singing Bohemian Rapsody.

@love for zombies and vampires: it’s because it makes killing them the right thing to do? Happy to hear that Glenn shares the opinion.

@Hunted – from what you guys said, it seems they’re not setting up the netcode components properly (entity interpolation and lag compensation).

@bohemian rhapsody: Awesome.

@love for vampires: For me it’s because they’re so fun in Coven. Myself, foxholeboy and Danboe (“Dahn Boeh” :P) played it for over 7 hours on Saturday; it was crazy.

Thanks for talking about my tutorials on the show, it has got me really excited! :D
I just wanted to add that there are actually closed captions for all my tutorials (press the little up arrow in the bottom right corner and activate the “cc” button).

In addition to that, there are also annotations to show where you need to press to activate the tools used and what to write where. That is so that you can watch the tutorials on low quality or in a small window (you might want to be doing the same thing as I am on the side) and still be able to follow them easily.

I try to keep my tutorials as accessible as possible by making them small, focused and easy to understand by adding those closed captions and annotations for example. You should be able to just spend a few minutes watching one of my tutorials and then feel like you’ve actually learned something.

I’m really happy they have been so well recieved and I am really grateful you talked about them on the show. I’ll be sure to repay the favor in my next tutorial. :)

If you’re too lazy to look through the show notes ;D :

You are more than welcome. I only watched one because I currently don’t have time to learn to map but I like the gimp drawing to explain the concept. That’s what’s lacking in many tutorials: a concept explanation. Stuff like that is especially important for older people who like to make a comparison with something them know.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

About the GraviNULL grapple beam, it’s actually simply the primary fire beam(yes it uses a beam, but it’s only shown for like half a second) but “forever”, longer and “scrolling” the texture to give it an alive effect.

Good to hear your back Phillip, that intro sounded a bit forced was there soming inside you saying “this is wrong!”.

Yes, you are right. At the time I was just trying to make sure it contained the same information that William uses. It sounds as if I am reading, but I am not. Sorry about that.

Nah it’s just good to have you back, I only wrote that because I didn’t have anything to say realy.