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Raindrop teaser was impressive. I liked the talk about Cry of Fear and Williams girlfriend playing Portal. Also a great interview with the Jailbreakers.

Great episode. Good work everyone!

FragOut failed on the release early, release often(and William hates me for it :P), I’m focused on getting GraviNULL out as early as I can with it you know, not being overly buggy and the basic gameplay of the deathmatch gamemode done.

William may be interested in this, when I start working on FragOut again, I’ll honestly try to get rid of my feature creep and just revert the mod to deathmatch with grenades only for the first release, if that means the bowlingball, house, piggybank grenade or whatever the hell nauz is gonna turn it into next is gonna left out, then fine, same with new gamemode I was working on.

However, GraviNULL has my priority for now!
William, did you see the newspost on ModDB? I want a mention in media hype next release! Hehe!
If I see you around maybe invite you for a test again, you privileged man ;)

Thomas, Emmanuel, welcome back.

@Galactopticon – SVN open again, Steam:
Thing is, users are dumb. Sorry guys, I know some are quite good at managing their computers, but, the majority is dumb. So having an automated update agent is a blessing for them.
And Emmanuel, you mentioned frequent updates as a sure way to kill a community. That is true, but only if the updates you release break compatibility with the previous version. Otherwise, everything is nice and dandy.

@Jailbreak and tophats:
Usually that can be fixed by moving the position of the tophat socket (you’ll have to add a new socket to the player model basically).

We faced a similar issue with AvP2 Team Fortress, with the flag. What we did is we added a ‘flag’ socket to each player model, then use the position of that socket to vary how each class is carrying the flag. We then could use the same flag model for all classes. The same flag is carried on the back of humans and predators, and also in between the teeth of alien players.

@Jailbeak and server population:
Do your best to release as a steam app! Being featured on Steam should help to increase the server population.

@Jailbreak and steamworks:
JBK was a TC already from 0.4. Tried that in a non HL2 environment, the mod booted up, I was able to create and join a LAN server. So, there ya go.