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Nice interview, too bad the Kreedz Climbing interview suffered a bit due to the bad microphone. Hard to hear at times what Tim was saying. I didn’t know anything about this mod, I have heard it being mentioned several times. But didn’t know what it was about. Now I do and I am very interesting to try it out. I hope ghosting will be a feature fairly soon and I also hope that the game will be n00b-friendly enough to keep me interested. Would be awesome if it played like Portal and had a difficulty transition demanding more and more from the player. Or giving the different maps a difficulty rating from 0-5 stars.

Awww 1 on Saturday for the live cast… I was thinking 1 on Sunday and didn’t bother listening until it was too late… oh well next week…

point to something said during the interview:
hey, that trigger_push thing, with the push being 4 or so units tall, to help people learn to b-hop
don’t know if you guys realize this, but triggers of this size are used in nearly every surf map
a good example is the blockfort map: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/13069 all the pushes in this map are as you described

just a side point, you have probably never heard of this map, or played CS:S surf maps, so no fault to you :)

i love Kreedz, if i was motivated enough id so make a surf map that used the bungee thingy, would kick ass

and another thing, iv never surfed in CS1.6 but i guess its different then CS:S, coming from a CS:S surfer, i found it difficult at first to surf in Kreedz, tho i got used to it after a while, just a little annoying.

@podcast schedule: it’s always hard to sync up with Australia. Sat. 18:00 GMT? Hmm, much more do-able, just two hour before our scheduled tests.
Yes, it is longitude.

@Jailbreak 0.6, Dynos vs. robots: the robots got the female character model :) William got it right.

@Resistance & Liberation: I thought Emmanuel hates train/tram rides. Not the vehicles themselves. Right?

@Nick: I actually liked that video! (http://podcast17.com/blog-old/tom-templar/). I guess there will be no conclusion to it?

I love listening to this podcast, and I have a suggestion.

I’m sure some of you are familiar with the Rebel FM podcast, and the special Game Club podcasts they do. One recent Game Club podcast they did covered Half-Life 2 and the Episodes. They discussed the games chronologically, from Point Insertion all the way to T-Minus One, and beyond into Episode Three speculation.

This would naturally require more time from you guys, but wouldn’t that be a great concept for a special recurring show? You could pick a mod like Minerva: Metastasis, encourage the listeners to play it by the time of airing and then you could discuss the entire mod from beginning to end.

Lol, even though it was basically a skim through, thanks. Although I didn’t quite get Dave’s joke. Someone care to explain?

I think Dave’s joke was a reference to something earlier in the show, where Thomas (one of the hosts) showed up in a video mentioned.

Sorry for the mention being so brief, it was supposed to be your previous videos and images too. I’ll have Will talk about them next time we mention you.

I changed the link late in the week, so when Will went through the agenda during recording he didn’t relate the dev diary to the rest of the media he’d seen.