4 Responses to “Episode #65”


[Ok, sorry this probably has nothing to do with this particular podcast, I haven't listened to it... YET.] I just wanted to say, I think Emmanuel should make a hitler rant video about game design students. It would be great XD. Yeah, I admit it I am a game design student but I’m going into the art side not the design side… anywayyy, I try not to be a know it all stuck up snob about it. whateva

- Dave, you sound like you have a cold :P
- Bots in TF2? Why, is the online community dwindling and now TF2 is slowly becomming a SP game?
- switching to Unreal: this makes me wonder, why doesn’t Valve do something similar like Epic? Release the Source engine with a similar EULA?
- good point about Tactical Intervention :), I was expecting orcs and elfs :). The one comment from Bandit made me chuckle. And the last quote/typo is priceless: “But I can guarantee you will have fun paying it,” said Mihn Lee.

As for NNK: congratulations to the team for their determination. That’s something that will prove usefull in their indie game carreer as well.