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I would of liked to of heard it live.Hate getting up,grabbing a coffee and find the server full.I wasnt alone either.Need to up the amount allowed.

Hi andyb, I’ll see what I can do. I don’t think we anticipated the amount of live listeners to increase so much. The maximum right now is near 30 I believe. I’ll let you know and perhaps William will mention it on the show next time if we can improve it.

You have 32 slots currently.

I somehow managed to get in by refreshing the page really often and noticing someone left or fell out just before the end of the award show ^^

Your podcast feed made me download just the award part of the show. Next time can they be combined or just the show be in feed? I don’t think this was your intention, though.

Sorry about that, it’s because wordpress creates an enclosure for every audio file linked in a post. It’ll be fixed sometime in January when the new site rolls out.

The default podcast feed on the new site will contain only the full episodes. A seperate feed will be available which shows only the interview excerpts. (for people who like the interviews but don’t care for the news run)

Emmanuel, you lucky SOB! You’re the main villain! Congrats!

@William: Why didn’t you concatenate the mp3′s? I almost missed the awards.

@Dave and Black Mesa: not all modders break their promise. A good deal of mods either release or cancel; the modding teams working on them are pretty much honest. Delaying a release for several years is (or should not be) not the norm in modding.
@Aaron and Black Mesa: all mods will have bugs at release. All. If you come up with patches fast enough you’re doing good.

@Dave and Dead Before Dawn: well … I guess the guy got blinded by it’s own creation and he didn’t see the flaws of it. I can understand the need of creating hype around your product. Just be carefull not to get so hyped yourself so that you don’t see what needs to be improved with uour mod.

@Emmanuel and Fortress Forever vs. TF2: you know it’s not an ego thing here, it’s money. Valve will not give up on TF2. Period.

@Dave and Decadence: I agree with you, the mod has great potential. It’s hard to support a mod, I agree. The alternative is to release everything to another team, willing to take over.

@Dave and Naruto: At one point I was afraid they’ll turn into another Black Mesa. Fortunately though they have a release date set, and I have a gut-feeling they’ll keep their word and release it.

We will be doing another post with the award show later in the week. We are still getting together everyones choices; it’s taking longer than we expected. I just didn’t want to NOT publish the audio.