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The original audio seems to have been compromised…

Luckily we were able to get a back up of all the important file that was hidden in the audio. Download and process it. Remember sometimes you have to look past the surface material and see what is behind it.


The best part is when you were playing the Ocarina, I could hear Emanual’s laughter; albeit, super distorted and garbled. Too bad, sounded like a great one :(

At the start, you said the DLC for L4D2 that was announced is called “The Parish” which is wrong. You meant “The Passing.”

Just clearing that up.

I’m sorry about the episode Will. I hope you get is sorted so it does not happen again cus I love your show. After this i will start going to the live shows.

A real shame, this episode had a mammoth media blitz. Lucky there was no interview though! One time out of 63 episodes, that’s a pretty good record.

As long as you know you’re only allowed ONE mistake William, after which we revolt. You know the rules.

I am a bit disappointed, not at you guys though. I was just expecting a really good show :(, it must feel weird for you to do this alone. I love you XD. Btw, make sure you get the NNK team onto the show.
or just go on their moddb.

Yup we will be having them on the show either the week of release or the week after. I’m talking to one of the members now.

Sorry to hear you had problems.
At least I got to listen to your awesome ocarina playing before I had to leave.

I never actually liked flesh that much. The monster-vision was a nice touch but it just made the game feel like Frogger. I don’t even know what happens if a monster gets you. Then again I’m only in the basement.

I’m glad you fixed what you could. I doubt your co-hosts were very happy that all the recordings of them were corrupted :P

Happy new year!

at last something to complain about!!!!!!!!!!!
just joking shit happens even in a cup

but still great that you wanted to do this podcast most people would say a better luck next time
and many updates !!!!! I can play again !!!

everyone happy 2010 and give them hell in upcoming games jeej

Eh don’t worry about it, I listen to a podcast called PCN-Gen and I’m pretty sure they record using the same programme (I know for sure they use skype) and they’re always having problems, although it has to be said probably often of their own doing.

I am one of the cofounders of CallBurner. Sorry to hear that you had a problem. Perhaps you can drop us a support email (callburner@callburner.com) and we can look into why the issue occurred? It may have been an issue with the underlying Skype call itself. CallBurner produces a log file which can help us diagnose what went wrong during your recording.

Keep up the good work with the show (I am an old HalfLife fan myself).

BTW – have you thought of doing a video show for podcast 17? We have just launched a new product for Skype which allows you to record and edit video calls. It’s free also. It’s called VodBurner – http://www.vodburner.com.

Jeremy Hague
The CallBurner Team
Skype: jeremyhague

Wow. I wasn’t expecting a cofounder of callburner to be a fan of Podcast 17.. I am awestruck. I want everyone to know that callburner is an excellent program we have been using it for 40+ episodes now and has never given us any issues. In fact callburner is the reason why we have been getting such great audio recordings for those who “subscribe”. I’m sure this one issue can be worked out and I will be working with the call burner team to fix it. Thanks Jeremy for contacting us!