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Awesome! I was there when you were achievement farming. Also, William, can you tell the Orion team to add teaser video when the game starts up, to explain breifly about aliens and dinosaurs, just an idea :D I love all of you guys, MERRY XMAS!

Pretty good show there,
I absolutely love the Desura thing. With all the indies up on moddb there’s no doubt for me that it will succeed.

One other thing Podcast17ers: You might want to reconsider the amount of “awards” you’re “handing out”. I get the feeling that number of awards devaluates the outstanding projects of the past year.

Keep up the good show and keep encouraging the modders and mappers, you’re doing good work and I think a lot of people (far more than there are on the livestream) appreciate what you’re doing for the community.

Take care, be thankful and happy holidays,

I just got a coder. WIN!
Did you ever get a reply to that midnight (love) letter you sent?
I never really liked Kreedz Climbing, probably because I didn’t make it past training…. but that’s irrelevant.
L4D map in Sketchup? Interesting. What can you do in Sketchup that you can’t in hammer? Like custom models?
I still feel unsure about Desura. I have to be sure its going to make things a lot easier before I make the effort of using it. But I have a feeling that will change.
I haven’t had any time to play Orion :( . Now I have a hour to spare, I plan to play flesh. If I get too distracted, I can kiss my sniper map deadline goodbye. :I
A weapon I would use? I don’t know what it is but it looks like a cross between a saw and a machete…
I like PlanetPhillips Mod wants. People are suggesting things I already plan to include in my mod.
Full screen for Immersion.
Windowed for Practicality.
Perhaps I should start a website….. :/

- Orion Team, congrats! A playable demo/beta after only 9 months of development! I know a couple of mods that can learn a thing or two from that …
And as long as you remember to release from time to time, I say you’re golden!
- girl climber: agreed with Errin (and Dave, although he tries to look like he disagrees with Errin), this is at least an unfortunate choice of words.
- Nuclear Dawn: :| … see first point.
- vatican on Myspace: advertising. Period.

Non streamers do care. Their schedule might not allow them to listen to the live stream. Did you think at that, Mr. McMahon?

- Desura: I agree with Errin, it has a lot of potential. Get all the mods in though, it’s the best way to maximize the market.