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“- VAC banning with the account stolen: I understand why Valve is maintaining the ban after they reset your account; this way you’re not temped to cheat like hell then claim that your account was actually stolen when those cheats occured.”

If my account was stolen there would be hell to pay if I got it back banned.Maybe even a lawsuit.Not cool at all.I allready have 2 banned because my kids loaded cheats on a server that allowed them but valve decided to ban me anyway because they were in the steam folders.They shouldn’t be allowed to see what files I got except for the ones pertaining to thier games or mods like the gameinfo or liblist files

I have a friend that was vac banned for cheating. I told him it served him right. He requested that he was unblocked because it “was his brother that did it”
They did not unblock it. Not surprisingly. They said his account was his responsibility.
Although they said they would unblock it after 5 years. But they didn’t.
Win Win Lose Lose scenario.
Both the innocent and guilty face the consequences.
Honestly I don’t like it. But i can’t see a better alternative.

- Real life DOES rule; that’s why you obey it’s rules :P

- TF2 War: a very good way to promote new loadouts. And from the looks of it, it seems that people enjoy having custom loadouts, hats and stats :P, much to the despair of people who hate them *cough* Emmanuel *cough*
Where is he, anyway?

Now, in regards with hats, stats and loadouts, what they’re doing is actually brilliant: by slightly changing the rules, they keep the players interested in playing the game.

- It makes perfect sense to iterate on their engine. I mean most engines are modular, so they can work on their render to keep up with the others.
As for the next IP from Valve (they’re quite an orchestra), well, read on:

- I love BlueWolf’s strategy when approached by someone on steam; I’d do these kind of pranks too.

- VAC banning with the account stolen: I understand why Valve is maintaining the ban after they reset your account; this way you’re not temped to cheat like hell then claim that your account was actually stolen when those cheats occured.

- the only other mod distribution system that I know of that was made by modders is Crosus, from the people at isotx.com

- Black Mesa Source: yeah, what a surprise :| … and they’re not going to release a playable demo … again, what a surprise :| …

My take on why it’s not yet released: when you strech the development for such long time periods you’ll have your maps looking too … different. I mean despite them being different locations, the art style of the developer will change. Early levels will look worse than the ones that got more attention lately. Then the mapper will notice that and start to re-iterate the first levels.

Then the game engine (or at least the version they used when they started) doesn’t look as good as the current standard. As a result, the team then starts to port the mod to the latest version of the engine.

After a while, they’ll might end up losing the attention of their fans, that may turn into haters while waiting, and waiting …

Delays are not always a good thing. What would happen if Podcast 17 episodes would take weeks to be released? Just to make sure each episode is perfect, which is a good reason at a first glance, right?

Bottom line: there’s a reason why people say “Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers.”; and yes, haters are actually part of your customer base.

“Bottom line: there’s a reason why people say “Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers.”; and yes, haters are actually part of your customer base.
Not for single players games or mods. Those are often only played once and if you did that you wouldn´t provide a great experience for most of your users.

How many times did you play STALKER? Did you play it also after ZRP (an unofficial patch) was launched? I know I did. Now I’m at my 7th time playing it.

And if you’re thinking I’m a total freak, well, at least I’m having all my pieces together.

I’m not against the whole load out and stat stuff, because a lot of people like them. And when I mean a lot… I pretty much mean everyone – hell I like them too, it’s just not what I expected in a team fortress game. The soldier/demo update has been getting a lot of press and will bring a lot of people into TF2 (especially with the free weekend). Emanuel SHOULD be coming on the next episode (fingers crossed… I guess).

Hehe, nice article – at first I thought the bungie picture was Valve – I woulda printed that out on a nice poster sized sheet and put it on my wall, but it isn’t. If anyone can find a group shot of the current Valve team that would be seriously badass – not the group picture from hl1, that’s not recent enough.

I understand as well, but I think it’s more there is nothing Valve can do. They can’t prove that you “pretended” to steal your account then went off an cheated on a shit ton of servers and cried home to mommy when you got banned.

That’s the distribution platform I was thinking of… Crosus from isotx! Thank you – I think blue was thinking of a different one though, he mentioned something about a space mod.

No… studio mods never release playable demos, nor should they – I definitely don’t expect that from them. That’s a very good point about maps iterating over long periods of times… maybe it can make a good discussion topic or poll question on week. You make good points, however, you can’t compare Black Mesa Source with Podcast 17. We are a time-sensitive endeavor… by that I mean every week we report on news (current news) and if we are late by two weeks that news and information doesn’t really pertain anymore. BlackMesa is a mod about a game that was released 10 years ago… they’re not really in any rush because Half-Life isn’t going anywhere. Sure if they took 30 more years it might loose it’s flavour, but I’m not talking about that extreme situation.

Thanks for your comment I always look forward to reading them.

About time!

Man, makes me gutted to have missed the live podcast.

Research and development 2! that’s what i would have said too! <3
Awesome mod. Best mod i have ever played. Got me off my ass to start making my own mod.

Good to hear you are now into mod development. Sorry about the lateness… I had a final to write Monday and Tuesday, but I made up for it by ALSO doing the moddb post – not that it matters to anyone here hehe.

You are forgiven. Real life does rule after all. However, finals are a tad less awesome.
Expect my mod up on moddb shortly.


ill write this as i listen, usually i forget about my comments XD

don’t worry guys, were all nerds hear (how else would we have found this podcast?)

damn, emailing valve, i need to do that to, haven’t done nearly as much stuff as will though (just a lowly mapper :P)

i agree about the good DM map idea, where you just know where to go. But as always, the old saying of “easy to learn: hard to master”

wow, that VAC banning shit would suck. a lot.

just noticed, on your show notes, you misspelled holiday, huliday. har har

shit, hit back when the black mesa part started, luckily, im using Firefox, so it remembered the text, not the buffering for some odd reason

*plays audio surf so it can re-buffer* wooo BassHunter :P
got in 2 songs, hear we go

holy fuck, i did it again, blag, oh well, no more listening for me XD (from now on, im opening this page in a new tab)

if i could create a mod right now, id make a mad that would get me a job at valve

You might want to contact valve, usually they respond quickly to mappers if you are asking for advice or want them to take a look at your map – don’t quote me on that though.

I have nightmares about the VAC Ban shit.

Sorry about the buffering issues – there is little we can do at this point.

Typo: Sorry about that, rushed the proof reading a bit because of the delayed posting. :P
Thanks for pointing it out though.

Buffering: Audio streaming isn’t my forte, but I believe the reason it doesn’t resume is the same as the reason you can’t skip ahead of the loaded area – because we don’t have a proper streaming server. (like YouTube, etc. have)