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About the ‘Combine plans’ discussion: Phillip, you said you’d like to see a Combine version of some Xen aliens. I think it’s likely that the Alien Grunts in HL1 are evidence of this and that they are in fact synth versions of Vortigaunts. They both have three eyes, similar body structure and the extra arm on their chest. The Grunts are created in pods in the factories we see on Xen, much like Combine soldiers and stalkers are created in Nova Prospekt.

Hey guys :) i am downloading now, so i can listen to it at work tomorrow! keep up the work, i am enjoying the podcasts :) and btw Phillip what did you think of Dark Messiah as a single player game? It aint got no zombies and you dont need to control any team mates :P but it isnt sci-fi and uses mainly Melee type combat!

Thanks, Razorb

I thought content-wise it was less interesting than previous casts, but that’s more a personal issue. I think I have an audio question for you guys, I’ll see if I can get it to you in proper quality.

I previously didn’t rate any podcasts, because I felt that the fact that I keep coming back and that I have recommended it to a fellow-halflife enthusiast seemed more important to me. But anyway I rated the previous cast I listened to with 5 stars, this one got 4 stars.

I love the show and eagerly await the next one.

Hey guys,
Great show again. You haven’t disappointed me yet! I’ve never really listened to anything like this before, but it’s a great idea. I’m not so big on mods myself, but that’s only half the show (but still interesting). I never downloaded many mods before listening to the show, mostly due to not being bothered to dig through the crap. You guys do a descent job of pointing out the good ones, so well done!

As for L4D, yeah I think it’s time to leave it alone! I’m not a huge fan myself, it wasn’t what I was looking for, but it’s still a good game for what it is. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion and you guys already gave yours, so give it a rest now please.

I really like the idea of Valve making some side-story games to go along side HL2 + Eps. Really enjoyed OF and BS for HL1.

As for the ratings, I apologise for not rating, was a bit of lazyness to be totally honest. I’ve gone back and voted and I will try and do so in future! As someone else said, it’s not really important as you are still getting the listeners.

Think you guys should really start talking about EP3, I know it’s a long way off but it’ll definitely ‘stir up the hive’ if you start talking of rumors etc.

Anyway, keep up the good work!


Good show guys, a bit more structured but I have some comments to make.

First up, I don’t think you lot should care about having a ratings system. If you know you’re making a good podcast and you know that your listen rate is staying pretty regular then why bother? It just sounds really needy when you spend a part of the show asking people to vote.

It reminds me of when people used to beg for comments on Myspace photos back in the day.

Also, I do disagree with L4D being in the HL2 universe, not everything can be in that game and let’s not forget that Turtle Rock were working on the game long before Valve got their fingers involved and they had already gone with the real world setting.

@Woe Kitten,

I haven’t listened to first part yet but have listened to other episodes, not much bashing in my opinion on there but that’s my opinion

as for my opinion on left4dead: it was AWESOME, but at the end it said 10 new weapons.. there were 0 new weapons.. they should have left the NEW out, its also on the box I have.. WHATS NEW? and there aren’t even 10 weapons unless you count duals(which is just 2 pistols … that doesnt count damnit!)

But while I found demo to be awesome, I found the full game to be lacking.. it’s just the demo but with versus mode and more maps. And versus mode is VERY unbalanced.. its fun playing as hunter, boomer is ok to, tank is … only fun to smash people of a rooftop, but most of the time ur just a bulllet magnet and oh god being smoker is horrible, his tongue misses alot or instant breaks without anything causing it to break, also most of the maps you don’t have good opportunities to grab survivors, because its mostly small tunnels and hallways:(

So basically I play mostly versus but it’s only really for being a hunter. Jumping down buildings onto people gives such a adrenaline rush.

Anyway, either they really should get to updating left4dead or release code like with half life 2 and let people mod it full scale, rather then have people making buggy mods and modded servers, because they didnt have full access to source code.

If I could mod it I would do some mod with only the hunter and he’d have to do wacky objectives n stuff, so basically some sort of hunter skills mod^^

Great to hear Slappy on here :)

I love the mod section of your show guys, but I’m getting really bored of you bashing Left 4 Dead (probably because I’ve listened to all of the podcasts several times now). The way it sounds to me is that you wanted a single player game and you don’t like zombies. So obviously you wont like L4D: it’s a multiplayer zombie game. Maybe you also all had insanely high expectation or something?

If you are unbiased and just want to play a good game then this game is fantastic. I’m not bothered that you disagree but I don’t want to listen to you bashing a game for 15 minutes at the start of every podcast, especially not one as good as L4D, and I bet I’m not the only one.

Can you at least try to get some balanced opinions in if you’re going to keep doing this?


Hey man thanks for talking about FragOut, glad you like the idea :)
Just for the record I’m not the only one making it, there’s 2 others atm and we’re recruiting a second mapper.

Only listened about half of the podcast though, might check out the first part later.
If I can rememember it I will make a short newspost on the ModDB page linking to this episode.

just like to fix a comment up in my last comment. Where i said valve jumping on board its actually just the half life 2 art director jumping on board valve hasnt actually been confirmed on it.

@Phillip – When i rate the podcasts, i rate them on what things are talked about. The show overall was nice, but not as good as previous ones, news wise and discussion wise. But hey that’s just me isnt it? I am not interested in some things you guys talked about, but others may.

I do have a request though. In one of your previous podcasts you talked about valve jumping on board with another studio to develop some game named cross-player. I was very interested in this and when i googled it, it came back with pretty much nothing except people guessing what it is etc. Maybe during this week you guys could do a little bit of an investigation on cross-player and have it on next weeks podcast, that would be interesting.

No we are not late. We vary between Monday and Tuesday post times. BTW, I’m curious as to why you say “Nice show guys” but rate it as 1 out of 5, same as you did for the other transmission. What are we doing wrong?