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- :) 96Kbps doesn’t always make it better than mp3. Most mp3s have a bitrate of at least 128Kbps. The reason why the live stream sounds worse is because the bitrate is lower than 96Kbps.
- the mod Phillip mentioned is called ‘Hollow Moon’.
- regarding to game pricing, it also depends on the game itself. If the game is perceived by most as shallow, it will not get back from the low price bin.

You are sorta correct…

The Shoutcast stream will be encoded to 96kbit/s using AAC encoding (not mp3 encoding). To give you perspective 64kbit/s using AAC is ~ the equivalent to 128kbit/s MP3 encoding. Most media players support AAC now a days so I setup the shoutcast to use AAC over MP3. The shoutcast stream with a 96kbit/s will have, in theory, greater quality than 128kbit/s MP3 (which as you say is the most used mp3 bitrate – and the bit rate we use for the podcast 17 mp3 files). It’s ironic that our shoutcast will actually have a theoretical better quality than the MP3 available on the site.

Ok, now that does make a difference. Best of luck with the podcast, and I hope you guys will still keep posting the mp3 file (that’s how I get to listen to your show).