7 Responses to “Episode #57”


Great interview and episode guys, loved the Phillip impersonation.

Although Leon sounds a bit like Goldenmember from the Austin Power series.

Regarding the alpha of “Starship Troopers : Source MP Alpha”, I am with William: I belive that the alpha is a proof of concept. Meaning it should have that personal touch that makes the mod your own. In this case, new game modes. I don’t see Deathmatch as a proof of concept for this mod: the original game already has DM, so there’s not much being added there.

TF2 is not THAT confusing. Heck, even the heavy is giving you indications in Payload: “We must push little cart!”

Still Phillip, the spa is unacceptably girly. Did you have his and hers bathrobes on? I’m sure you look beautiful now, but a man needs some rough edges.

Great to have Leon on the show, and hear his view on things but like William I disagree with the falling numbers behind Source modding, they are still out there. Do you know any figures and stats for people who have played Minerva / R&D / Mission Improbable, Phil?

With regard to my poll question and the point Dave raised, it was more a case of personally introducing somebody to Half-Life that you know and also know doesn’t play the game. People visiting a website your work for isn’t exactly “introducing” them to a game. Especially when the site is based on mods FOR that game.

No Glenn, I don’t sit at bus stops and lean over and ask people if they have played Half-Life, at least not any more, not since the time I…well, that’s another story.

Thank you for the great impression of me William. I almost laughed.

With regard to the Challenge, I’m just asking you to change the number of saves you use, not stop saving – Geez that would be crazy.

Good stuff, especially liked the interview! Interesting to hear a different point of view on the whole “Freeman-doesn’t-talk” thing.

Any news on when Emanuel is gonna return?

Hey Guys, just to clarify something.

Yes, I really went to a spa. We had a couples massages and facial, both beauticians were hot chicks. We spent time walking in the mountains in the morning and hit the sap in the afternoon – steam baths, plunge pools and other water delights. I have no quams admiting I love getting manicures and other treatments. If I had the cash I would definitely have a steam room in my house. You guys should try it. What can be better than having young, pretty girls pampering you?

I haven’t finsihed listening to the show, so will comment more when I have.