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First time I’m listening to the podcast since a few months, still listening, it’s good but I’d like to prove you wrong on the Left4Dead1 demo part(assuming you didn’t correct yourself later in the podcast).

I bought Left4Dead 1 in store, the day it got into store.(maybe 1 day after global release) I played Left4Dead1 demo several days before that… no pre-purchase, played with many friends who didn’t pre-purchase either. So you could play the Left4Dead1 demo before release, although a few days after the pre-orderers got it.

I’m not sure if they corrected themselves later on, but I did point this out in the production chat shortly after they said it. I also pointed out that William should take his head out of the sand when he had no idea the L4D2 demo was going to go public. :P

From what I recall the L4D1 demo did the same as the L4D2 demo, as you said. Pre-orders got it earlier, but the general public still got it over a week before the actual release.

Are you guys on Itunes?

Hmm, I used what seemed to be the official iTunes podcast logo, assuming it would be recognisable to iTunes users.

Perhaps I should just use the iTunes logo. I’ll look into it later.

Quite the interesting podcast guys! I love it!

From what I have gathered is that Valve owns the rights to Opposing Force, which most likely includes Adrian Shephard. Please correct me if I’m wrong. :)


Roadrunner (Nick Klein)

Glad you like it. I forgot to mention that you guys werre looking for people, sorry about that. We have been talking about starting a new section that would ensure we didb’t miss those kinds of things.

I agree that Valve owns the rights to all characters and games, even if they didn’t make them.

The Marc Laidlaw Vault:

It’s been on halflife2.net since 2006 and it’s just been growing since then. A lot of it is somewhat self explanatory in the game and stuff talked about in Raising The Bar, and tons of ambiguity.

I can’t wait to hear Podcast Philip next week.