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The free develop kit from Epic is nice and something I hope Valve will do too. A lot of teams/projects are already started due to the release from Epic.

Anyway. Thanks Podcast17 for talking about my upcoming mod, Spherical Nightmares. Too bad it was a bit short got off topic with the FOV discussion. :)

Hello, i am here regarding Sickening sanity, and im totally honored that you talked about our map!
But i believe you got some information messed up, its not one guy working on it, its two me (St33mPunk) and Undead Pleco.

Thanks again for regarding our little map! Now we will definately speed up the next release!

Question! With Unity and UE3 engines recently becoming Free for indy devs, do you think Source based mods will start to die out and do you think Valve will have to release a free version of Source for indy devs and/or do you think it will force Valve to upgrade Source. I’m no expert here, just wondering what you guys think ;)

Good podcast in general, but the part when you are talking about that red mesa map for crysis, I mean wt f?
It is a half-life inspired level, not a recreation of half-life, it clearly says so in the thread that the url is linking to.
How could you get it all so wrong, even with the thread with info at your disposal?

That is just so unprofessional…

I played the demo, now that it doesn’t need the preorder and I wasn’t impressed. I spawned, saw the machete immediately, and a damn bot stole it. I restarted and there was only a nightstick. I played through the entire campaign and only time I saw it again was in the last safe room after I had killed everything.

My second play-though I got it quick and had a blast with the thing, and the level was a breeze. Then there was a witch standing right outside the last safe room, and inside it there was a charger and a hunter, and the three of them were gone in seconds.

I had fun, but it’s just too damn similar to L4D1 for me to consider buying until I can get it for around $10.