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That outro was awesome!

I also wanted to comment that the mouse sensitivity setting in source games is a bit flawed as a measurement since that is based on several other factors and variables as The Dias pointed out, it works like this:

Operating system setting + mouse DPI setting on mouse itself or mouse software + setting in the game.

For example if i cranked the first two to maximum, I could play the game with a sensitivity setting of 1.

I play with my mouse sensitivity at 12. The thing is that not everybody uses the same mouse, so they don’t have the same sensitivity or weight. With that setting & my mouse I turn around once about 42.5mm. Less then a year ago my sensitivity was 6. If you slowly increase your sensitivity over time it’s not a big shock.

my sensitivity is 13 XD
then again, i have around 5 cm square of space to move my mouse :P

also, interesting fact:
for surf to be possible or at least much better -tickrate 66 has to be put in launch options

what i’d like to see, is some coverage of a certain game that is being developed for the Source engine, called “E.Y.E” i looks really cool, and i was curious what the Podcast guys think of it, and maybe if they could interview its creator.

game site: http://eye.streumon-studio.com/

Regarding Phillip’s comments on Microsoft, “starting one’s own software company” is closer to reality than you may realize. As far as I know, support for Mark Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu (who did just that, start his own software company), various other FOSS operating systems, and Mac OS wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Window’s faults and Microsoft’s negligence. I don’t believe constructing a digital distribution platform would be as complex or as great a technical hurdle as crafting an operating system either, especially for a professional developer. Incentive is all that’s really needed, but Valve’s been fair and resourceful thus far.

With that said, I’m glad there’s someone asking the right questions. Even a company as immaculate as Valve may change for the worse. I can understand William’s concern; I thought Randy Pitchford’s comments were a tad too egoistic as well in my first reading. In hindsight though, these questions need to asked of Valve as of any other concentration of power, especially if digital distribution becomes the dominant method of distribution and we entrust Steam with our valuable property in the decades to come.

Related to DST:
Latitude makes a difference. For example, Australia versus China. When in the northern hemisphere is summer (DST is in effect), in Australia is winter: nights are longer. Shifting them to DST while in winter actually makes it even worse for them australian people.
A similar thing is with Florida versus the rest of the US. Although on the same hemisphere, the difference in latitude is enough to make it harder for them.

As to why USA shifts from regular to DST at different dates than the rest of the world, well, we need to ask Emanuel about it :)

Definitely not a half-life movie, more likely some new animation technology — that’s probably why ep3 is taking so long as they are really trying to raise the bar again on character technology.

Although come to think of it, I remember in the Game Trailers episode on Valve, Gabe did mention something about a TF2 movie but they (at the time) felt they were not ready to make one. Valve might be consulting with Weta on this project, or maybe new EP3 character technology that may even play a role in both projects. Nobody in the media seems to have paid much attention to this trip to Weta/New Zealand but I definitely think it’s something worth looking into if you want to know what is really going on over there at Valve. Podcast17 really needs to interview that NeoTokyo guy and find out what department/duties his boss is in charge of (character animation, rendering technology, business/legal, particle effects, etc). That would probably point us in the right direction.

The Neotokyo guy’s boss (a Weta Manager in New Zealand) is who valve went to see after their visit to Australia. Since Weta is a pretty high-end CGI studio famous for their characters and movie CGI (LoTR, I, Robot, etc) seems like valve might be involved in some joint operation with weta on future technology. Another interesting note is that valve recruited another Weta employee not too long ago to develop their new “cinematic physics” that debuted in episode 2. It appears valve has a pretty good relationship with Weta and may be working on some new technology just for Ep3.

^ Anyone thinkin’ Half-Life movie with visual effects by WETA??

Maybe a TF2 or Portal film but not Half-Life. So many things that make Half-Life special conflict with the format of a movie, and I think I’d kill myself if I heard Gordon Freeman speak.