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The majority of the textures used in those Torn screenshots are custom, however the models are placeholders. I’m getting round to compiling some more models from that cheap engine I mention a lot.

It’s obvious what you’d do with a jar of boomer vile. You jarate it at someone or something to get the zombies to attack it, like the pipebomb without exploding.

Also, you can still get Lost Coast & HL2:DM for free here:
I know they should really take these down, yet for some reason I can’t help but distributing the links.

You can tell that Joe had some press practice. It was a really good interview.

It’s good to see William have a good time. That boy sure love his Gabe.

And Phillip, your British accent and sometimes Irish, couldn’t live without it ^^

Wow, your not very good at expressing sarcasm in your voice lol.

Good podcast, very informative and even though long it kept me interested the whole run. Many laughs and jokes. Much fun! :)

I don’t think we will see a complete new engine. I believe they will iterate on the current one, forever. Unless they change focus completely. About Episode 3 in 2011, hopefully not. Maybe 2010 christmas.. It’s been 2 years already since Episode 2 and I reaaaally want to play the next one since Episode 2 left us with a brutal awesome ugly scary intense ending. Hopefully we will be updated on what’s happening with Gordon Freeman after all the zombies are released.

I always find myself doing the ugliest possible dance moves when the intro music comes on. So excited, psyched, pumped up about what is soon to be streamed into my ears. See you next episode!