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I wonder…I wonder how much it would cost us to fly William and Phillip to Valve…just wondering… ;)

Well…. I’m in Ontario and Phillip is on Spain and Emanuel is in Flordia. Probably lots of money :(

Would be awesome to have Phillip visit Valve, with his lack of enthusiasm for multiplayer and brutal honesty.

- “Left 4 Dead 2.. whatever.. NEXT!”
- “Left 4 Dead 3?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?”
- “Hey Gabe, I have came here with one important question. WHERE THE “#%”#%”#%%&ยค&#%/”!”# IS EPISODE 3?!?!?!?! And *cough* are there plans for Half-Life 3?

Awww. William never pretended to be me. Damn you and your pre-show promises! :(
It was still kinda cosy with only 4-6 listeners. The true followers who keeps refreshing the page to get the exact time and date!

Love the new design! Very shiny and as we all know, shiny equals greatness.

Looking forward to sunday. Keep it up!

loves Emanuel’s comment in regards to the classification of left4dead2 in australia “That’s what happens when you live in a connunism”

2: valve cant make a valvecon cause they dont have a progame with progamers, and nobody cares
3: gmod: the garry guy have been a millinare CAUSE OF valve business politics. he earns the half price if u buy the game.
4: and yes: steam is a fuckin ripoff, but they can do it cause they are steam. and of xource its fuckin instable. the other thing that they had a lot of good games on deck, what i couldnt baought eanywhere else.

now a working stream would be nice (404 sucks) or disable that altogether maybe?

For whatever reason, your browser failed to load the flash streamer.

The 404 link when the streamer fails to load is a nasty side-effect of the way I loaded flowplayer, combined with how flowplayer degrades when a baseurl is set in the js. (it leaves a link containing only the filename) But it does narrow the problem down a lot.

My guess is one of the following:
– Your browser is loading a cached version of the page from before the new theme was enabled (that wouldn’t affect this episode though)
– Your browser desn’t have flash and/or has js disabled.
– A browser plugin is blocking podcast17.com from loading flash and/or js.
– or Your web browser doesn’t like it when flash is loaded by javascript for some reason.

It could be a different problem, but based on it giving you a 404 url instead of the flash streamer, thats all I can think of.

Answering these questions could help me diagnose the problem more accurately, and possibly allow me to test the streamer under similar conditions myself and fix any problems I find:
– What browser, and version of that browser, are you using?
– Are you using Adblock Plus, NoScript or some other ad, flash or js blocking plugin for your browser?
– Does the flowplayer demo here work: http://flowplayer.org/demos/installation/index.html
– If you’re on an operating system other than xp/vista/win7, what operating system are you using?

Oh Durgh, I read that as steam – sorry. STREAMMMM ok – The stream is working fine for me too hehe. Can you be a little bit more specific and we can work out your issue.

Whatcha mean? At first I thought you were talking about our steam link at the top of the page, but that seems to be working fine.

Nice podcast. I would without a single doubt visit your booth at ValveCon! You could sell miniature plastic characters of yourselves, so I could play with them while waiting for coming episodes of the show.

About the silly amount of money that Left 4 Dead 2 uses in its selling campaign, is that 100% Valve or is it EA also? Anyway, I wonder why the huge campaign. Do they not believe in their game? Or is the game that good that everyone needs play it? Because it’s not like they are competing with any other game (Maybe only to the first Left 4 Dead game). Modern Warfare 2 is too strong to compete with, so there will be no gamer out there thinking, “Should I get Modern Warfare 2 or Left 4 Dead 2?”. I just think Left 4 Dead 2 has a weird timing. Valve should have had their focus on their other (more important) titles. And in a year or two release Left 4 Dead 2. Then it would feel fresh and interesting since people would have played the first game for so long time. And I wonder how many people will buy the first game after the second one is released.. Anyway, I was hesitant towards buying Left 4 Dead 2 due to many many reasons, but I am going to buy it anyway.. Heh. It’s Christmas, many of my friends will play it and…yes…it’s Valve. I fucking love them. Damnit!

Interesting interview with the Orion team, I hope they do well and get that Dinosaur in asap! :) Age of Chivalry statement seem very cocky, will be interesting to see if they are telling us the truth.. Star Wars mod = Awesoome quality..but I have to say it doesn’t interest me since I am not a Star Wars fanatic. Lastly, the Radiator mod looks different, will follow that.

Podcast 17 site looks gooooood. :)

Thanks again for the excellent comment wizard, I look forward to reading what you write every week. I think L4D is a great way to get new people involved in Steam and Valve realizes that. If L4D2 sells well there will be that many more customers on the steam platform buying more games. It would be silly for them to advertise Steam on billboards – since the concept is fairly abstract.

I’m curious now – when you buy L4D2 at the stores (or L4D) do you install steam along side it? Is it an empty box with a product code? How does that work – I should test it out.

Sadly, I haven’t been as involved with the gaming community (outside Valve) as I used to be. I’m also not that into Modern Warfare or the COD series so I can’t agree with your statement about MW2. I know Emanuel won’t stop talking about it so I know there is some truth to that statement. If what you say is true, possibly it is bad timing.

Lastly, I think over the next couple of months AOC will really have to prove themselves as you say, but I have no doubt in my mind that they can do it. I can’t wait for the coming of a … new age… a new age of chivalry – Lawlz.

“Who doesn’t like Halo?”
I hate halo. It was the most bland, generic, repetitious FPS I’ve ever played. Comparing anything to it is an immediate turn off to me.

Man, you guys need to do your research on the whole classification issue. What’s the point in covering it if you just go “Yeah, I dunno what’s goin’ on there”? You don’t need to look far for the full story.

I think William intended to just quickly mention that they’re meeting on the 22nd of October to review the uncensored version’s classification.

I added links to the regular and censored version classifications to the agenda on the night before recording, but sent the explanation why there were two in an email, because it was too long to put in the agenda.

He didn’t see the email, which resulted in the confusion when he encountered the links to the separate classifications. I take responsibility for that, I should have made sure he saw the email before recording started.

I second pawnstick, new redesign looks slick

In reference to L4D2 at the beginning of the podcast

RC is in reference to the Australian classification = Refused Classification rating
The second MA15+ for L4D2 is for the censored version that we will be getting, if the independant review board (on the 22nd October) doesnt allow the RC version to be released in Australia. :-) Just wanted to clarify, considering im posting this at work, and my boss is looking over my shoulder I had better get back to it :-)

Great Podcast once again :-)