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It should be a rule of modding. Don’t change the default config unless it directly effects the gameplay. Resistance and Liberation pissed me off with the reversed mouse Y axis, and using the scroll wheel to change the weapon sight. I think Logistique demo used ESDF which also pissed me off.

ATTENTION EMANUEL: If you still want to send those iPods with the podcast on them for me to give to Gabe, you should do so right now, because we’re meeting up on the seventh of October.

Hey guys,

Once again sorry that the Strider Mountain team missed the interview. Spy had his computer crash the same day we released the mod (of all times, right!). Ever since then, he continues to have an issue with his PC. Unfortunately, it crashed on the morning we were set to go on the show.
We look forward to being on another podcast and hope people will submit questions for us to answer.

TB, it was just one of those things. We were disappoined we didn’t ahve the interview but we’ll get you on the show really soon.

A I said to Leon, it was lucky his card didn’t blow just *beforre* the release!

Anyway, speak to you soon.

This is my first time listening and I must say, I love this podcast. I’ve been enjoying hl2 mods for a while now, and this podcast is great for learning about new hl2 stuff. You guys have the best podcast overview I’ve ever seen. Links to everything you talk about and detailed summary with time location! Every podcast should be taking notes from you guys. Seriously the best organized podcast I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for the great podcast!

Welcome David.

We are glad you like ths show. William and Nic get all the credit for the show notes, and they do a fantastic job, as you have seen.

If you get a chance we have quite a few older podcasts you may want to listen to, just check the archives.

about the amount of time played at 1 sitting. my record is 96 hours straight. that was for an MMORPG. games like the halo series. i’ve played them straight through till i completed them in 1 session. even most of the half-life series i’ve played and completed them in 1 sitting. actually most FPS games i tend to play till i complete.

pity i missed the livestream but i thought the time would be the same as the week before.

96 Hours? Are you kidding me!!!

i was really shattered after doing it. if i done that sort length of time on a regular basis. my body wouldn’t have had taken that punishment for long. yet as a one time only event. i got anyway with it.

WOW, 96 hours is a very long time, even with toilet breaks.

BTW the only drugs used was coffee and cigs. i tend to put a lot of time into my gaming sessions. so 4+ hours means nothing to me. though i really have to be enjoying a game/mod to complete it in 1 seesion. MMORPGs have a habit of getting you hooked to just get to that next level or quest reward. having a good group of people with you helps. as you don’t tend to notice the time that has gone by. these days i tend to set a level/s limit or goal to reach per seesion. so i don’t get carried away like i used to.