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Hey Emanuel, we don’t actually have any internet censorship in Australia.

Not yet you don’t, and don’t get me wrong, I hope you stay consorship free, but I can’t see that happening.

Having said that I live in the UK and we’re in just as bad of a position as you guys if not worse, because atleast you guys get worked up about it (from what I’ve heard anyway), over here people just shrug and accept it even if they’re against it.

Hey guys, good podcast. Thanks for the positive comments on Cry of Fear. However, I have to say you were a little harsh on Stig.

He is, of course, roleplaying the character of Simon, and therefore not actually injecting himself with morphine. Therefore the comments about his weight I felt were unnecessary and too harsh. Stig is a really nice guy, and I noticed he did see the Podcast and was good about the comments. I did mention in the Livestream chat that it wasn’t real morphine (I don’t know what would make you think it was to be honest, it’d be absolutely ridiculous if he really was injecting himself with morphine on our videocasts :P) but you must’ve missed it.

Haha! No obviously it wasn’t real morphine… that would be messed up. I’ll clear it up on the next show. Don’t want anyone thinking Stig actually has a drug problem.

I really liked the interview with Jason. The funny bits and weird questions made the interview really enjoyable. Also all the information related to VALVe’s world. That was really interesting.

Awesome, as always. Thanks for mention us!

“Maps are so well produced” I thought that Strider Mountain was over all crap.
. The little nitpicks really pile up. The mod DEFINITELY wasn’t playtested well enough. In ended up doing half the triggers out of order, and a number of them broke even if they were done in the right order. Even autosaving seconds before death. I don’t play a lot of mods, but I don’t feel that it’s worth playing a long, unpolished mod over a short, very well polished mod.

I still think the mod had some pretty good map elements and design – I believe the brush work was fantastic, maybe the layout in some places was a bit off, but overall (at least so far from what I have seen) the maps present themselves nicely. There are just other things that bother me about Strider Mountain.

Ugh, all the little errors in that post I can’t go back and fix.

Sometimes I wish I could playtest for a mod team, but seeing that this mod had been playtested, I’d hate to see what some mods look like untested.

I’d like to first state that Rusty has officially given us both permission and access to his Zombie Skins. Secondly, I find it extremely harsh that you would much rather pass remarks based on our modification name, rather than on our work. Our mappers and modelers have spent weeks and even months developing this modification. The map that’s been shown (the City) in Outbreak: Condemned is an amazing map created by Cris Thompson.

I’ve been listening to Podcast 17, but to be perfectly honest, you guys are real wankers we it comes to talking about a update created by a modification team that have been working for weeks on this awesome modification.

One last note, Outbreak: Condemned is not a remake of a previous Resident Evil game, instead, it’s a brand new storyline, new maps, characters, creatures. A brand new creation based in Raccoon City.

For the first three – four minutes of talking about Outbreak: Condemned, you continued to slander our modification, finally say only one sentence. “They’ve got a lot of screenshots here, so check it out.” and then continue to slander the mod name.

Thanks guys for being such a fuck up,
Scott “Sythen” Baker.
Lead Level Designer for Outbreak: Condemned.

I apologise for the talk about your media update becoming a mass of internal jokes between the hosts and guest, rather than discussing your actual update. But I assure you no slander was intended.

The comments about your name and models were all directed towards the guest, Echo of Situation Outbreak, who’s mod:
– Was previously known as Zombie Mod: Source, unintentionally sharing its name with the CS:S add-on of the same name, causing much confusion.
– Originally used FPSBanana models. They had permission but there was a lot of drama over it because other mods used the same models.

Both of those things have become long running internal jokes, which just happened to tie into your mod also having Outbreak in its title and also using Rusty’s awesome zombie skins. The things said have nothing to do with slandering your modification or its name.

I’m not sure where they said your mod is a remake, the only thing I can find about Resident Evil is Echo saying “It’s sort of like Resident Evil from what I understand. But it is actually, it’s unique.”, which seems true based on what your own mod profile says.

We were running late, so once they were done joking among themselves there was no time to discuss the actual contents of your update in detail this week. So we moved on to the next item.

Thank you very much for your reply. It appears as I am not familiar with the Host’s internal jokes that I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick. I suppose I just got rather worked up when I found that quite a large map created by Cris wasn’t being recognized as much as I thought it would. He’s been working on it for over a month now ya know?

I do apologize for my rather worked-up comment.
Scott “Sythen” Baker.
Lead Level Designer for Outbreak: Condemned.

My apologies, I should have been more clear as to what we were referring to when we began to discuss your modification and the jokes surrounding Situation Outbreak. In the future I will be sure to do my best to clear up any possible misconceptions about my comments before moving onto another topic.

James Pizzurro (£cho)
Co-lead Developer of Situation Outbreak

I need to apologize to BiGToM. During the interview I said, several times :( , that he was Dutch. I don’t know where I got that idea. DS and Friendly Garg are from the Netherlands. BiGToM is Swedish.