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Yeah, that community college comment must have come off as insulting, no offense to those out there who attend them. Again, terribly sorry. No more hangovers + interviews. =P

lol yea, it’s no problem. Definitely not a community, far from it actually. Interview was fine. alot of info was there, If any more info is needed on the modeling and texturing process we’re always here.

lol np, seemed like the info needed was covered ^.^

All proper spelling for team members can be found at:

http://www.zombiemodsource.info/ (Under the “Team” section)

O ya and AI is not a community school. Felt like i needed to say that since there’s like a 70k and a 2 additional year differince hehe. Just sayen :-P

Great interview all around thought :-)

Jarlan, sorry for completely butchering Ryan’s and your school’s name. It was pretty early in the morning when we recorded this and I was still not 100% from the night before. :P

Sorry to all of you actually for a very lame-sounding interview. lol

I’m a bit saddened by Emanuel’s attitude towards the Jailbreak team, especially as the issue’s between us and PHL took place well over a year ago and was all dealt with between us. Yes we were annoyed by a poor review (which ultimately was wrong of us) but we never asked John to remove the review or ask Editor321 to re-review us in a brighter light.


Great Podcast as per usual guys.

The name of the school is The Art Institute of Tampa, it’s a branch of the Miami International University of Art and Design.

Currently there are roughly about 10 of us from the school working on Situation Outbreak.

Glad you guys liked that Katana, I had fun texturing it :D

haha make it 500 euro a year and you got a vinger or something from me :P

noo just joking I really don’t know I find this podcast handy for mods and stuff I listener since ross scot and still like it :P it helps me trough the hard times(A) no thats a joke again:P more I am lazy find me a mod and wanna hear more about it before I dload crap so thx podcast 17
but please fock the pay that’s crappy srry nmmr 100015 freeloader so long way to go to be nmmr 1:P