11 Responses to “Episode #44”


@ Jerry111 – keep listening, you will learn why over the coming weeks :-) Emanual can been slightly nonPC…. eh thats half the fun of it anyway!

Great podcast, one thing though, someone tell noodles to fix his audio issues BEFORE he comes on the air again, that was painful.

hey, i discovered this podcast recently and am finding it both thoroughly entertaining and informative, especially the interviews. One question though: why does the guy called Emanuel have his own apology section?

you know these people really need a light switch or something like it :P
I mean every time they talk at the same time :P
it’s like hearing political monkeys speak :P if you know what I mean :P

but hey shit happens this to who cares cheer cheer:P

when the time is beter and shit will shatter I will be on the top
because I will be a king on this dem rock

I updated the iTunes feed about 1-2 minutes before the main feed like I always do – it gets added whenever they next scrape our feed for updates.

It’s a reference to gman squad lol

And I just downloaded through podcast17.com and it’s a lot faster. DERP