3 Responses to “Episode #43”


so Dork of Mordork you can’t walk unless all you think about is walking then? the whole thing in my view boils down to repition until it becomes instinctive.

Great show. I thought Dave’s “number 1″ analogy was a great way to put it, and I agree with him completely.

Ironically I couldn’t think of anything OTHER than the number 1. I was playing Yahtzee while listening to the Podcast, and I kept thinking of that – couldn’t keep the number 1 on my mind to save my life.

What’s the new intro/outro music you guys use now? It’s great.

sign language stuff… animation is pretty bad, but they are working on it… They use their own engine so that explains some of the crumminess, and they are a small business http://vcom3d.com/