12 Responses to “Episode #42”


The intro song is a highly modified PS2 intro sound, that was modified and enhanced by MusicallyInspired. You can find it at HIT and HLC.

As for the Podcast, I appreciate the mention of Blue Shift: Reassignment, though I do not appreciate the uncontructive bashing of Gold Source. Please try to be nicer about things, rather than insulting a engine many modders have respect for.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

@tbk He said previously: “I’m not going to tell anybody because they are just going to go out and download it, and lose the newness of it”.

Oh my, Emanuel! Since when the size of a team differenciates between games and mods? Does Zeno Clash need a game in order to run? No? Then it’s a stand-alone game.
Does Neo Tokyo need a game to run (despite the contents and time put into it)? Yes? Then it’s a mod.

Going by the same logic of yours, Open Arena is not a game, it’s a Quake 3 mod.

That’s funny ya I didn’t play that mod right I guess, where is that video of oyu playing?

Again, wonderful show, Radiator is a great mod.
Going to recommend again getting the Obsidian Conflict developers on the show, after all, they made an incredible co-op mod, way better than Synergy.